Are You A Con Artist?

I used to be into rollerblading big time in the 90’s, since then, aggressive inline skating has fallen off the radar. So when I stumbled on Con.Artist Brand, I got pretty excited. The company is dedicated to the rollerblading inline industry. It has also creeped it’s way into other other aggressive sports such as drift racing and snowboarding.

The Charles Ponzi tee is my favorite from the bunch. It’s the first tee of their Mastermind Collection, which will presumedly be featuring ooddles of history’s best con artist. Great branding concept! And of course, they have the customary signature tee in blue below. All of the tees are tagless and have custom labels hand sewn into the side seam. And as you can see form the add below, they also do cut and sew jeans as well. This emerging cut and sew company out of Minneapolis is definitely one to watch! 

Charles Ponzi

Con Artist Signature

Con Artist