DBH 10K: The Final Four

I’ve been tracking the Design By Humans 10K contest since it was first announced and I am excited that they released the final four designs that are up for voting! As some of you might know, I chose 5 designs that I thought could win the 10K contest and now just one of those has survived the final round. Twilight Rain by collisiontheory is the lone design left amongst the ones I had predicted to win. Also still left in the competition is Mecha-Labaw by csj89 whom we ran a special post about (written by Blake from YouDesignIt.com) discussing how he had taken a different approach to promote his DBH 10K entry.

So, here are the final four contestants. Be sure to get your vote in before August 23rd. Who do you think will win?

Mecha-Labaw by csj89

Twilight Rain by collisiontheory

SOS strawberry flavour by gloopz

Journey to the City of No Horizon by TangYauHoong

The DBH 10K Top 20

The Design By Humans 10K Contest is well underway and the top 20 designs have been selected! I’ve included 5 of my favorites from the Top 20. You can also see the rest of the Top 20 below. Which are your favorites? Who do you think should win? The voting period for the Top 20 ends on August 20 so be sure to get your vote on before then!

Umibozu by thestray

The Dark Side of the Mystery by buko

The Ominous and Ghastly Mont Noir by againstbound

Twilight Rain by collisiontheory

Umibozu by thestray

Born to Run by radiomode

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Finroo $2000 Contest

Are you a designer? Have you submitted to Finroo yet? If not, then you definitely should check them out. They are running a pretty cool promo for artist who submit to their site and get selected for print. Basically, if your design gets chosen for print you receive $4 for every shirt sold and they donate a buck to a charity of your choice.

The contest part involves you being able to sell out your designs. Finroo does limited runs and if you’re the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person to sell out your design you win cash (see below for details). If you’re the first to sell 250 tees, you win $2000. Not bad, if you’re a T-Shirt contest site junkie I highly recommend you check out Finroo.


Fill In The Bubble Contest! Win DBH Stuff.

Design By Humans just turned TWO so lets celebrate and give away some FREE STUFF!

What do you need to do? Easy. Fill in the bubble with something funny, sarcastic, humorous, cute, etc and win stuff from Design by Humans courtesy of me (Coty) and Co-Tee TV.

Rules, not much. The only requirement is that either “Coty” or “Co-Tee TV” (you can even use both if you like) has to be included somewhere in the photo, either in the bubble or outside the bubble. Have fun with it!

I’ve included links to the Photoshop files (44 MB) and the individual files with and without the bubble.


Win Either (you choose your prize):

Four (4) DBH $5 Tees
Two (2) DBH $10-$12 Tees
One (1) DBH $15-$18 Tee

And if you run a tee shop I’ll run your ad in the pimp spot (top ad on sidebar (300x250px) on my site for a 2 weeks as the default ad. Meaning, whenever the ad space doesn’t have a bid your site ad will be shown. Good deal, eh?

When you’re done with your photo entry, post here if you like so every one can see and make fun of me, but REMEMBER to post it on the Co-Tee TV Facebook Fan Page. And then email your hires entry to cotygonzales at gmail dot com. Got it? Okay, get to it!

Contest ends Friday July 24, 2009 at 11:59pm Hawaii Time.

BTW, you can do whatever you like to the background (that’s why I’m giving you the Photoshop file). Change it up if you like. Above all, be creative!

Contest PHOTOSHOP File (44 MB).

Contest JPG Files (3 MB).

Introducing Tilteed + CONTEST!

I’d like to introduce Tilteed, the newest player in the T-Shirt contest site genre! The site just launched yesterday and as you might guess, it’s a community driven, ongoing t-shirt design competition. 

They’ll be offering some amazing prizes for their initial launch giveaway, including $3500 to $5000 for a grand prize, and $1500 for a runner up. The regular prize money is set at $500 and $1 residuals for each T-Shirt sold per design. Not too shabby!

Their pre-launch tee is from contest site regular and Coty favorite, Dale Edwin Murray. The shirt is called Bombs Away and I couldn’t think of a better shirt (or artist) to kick things off at Tilteed! You can pick up Bombs Away from Tilteed for just $12! Plus, use the code “TiltCoty” for an additional $2 off your order! $10 for a Dale Edwin Murray designed tee on an American Apparel shirt – sounds like a steal to me!

Did Someone Say Contest?

Oh yeah, that was me! All you need to do is 1) register at Tilteed, 2) take a picture of yourself with a sign that says “I ♥ Tilteed and Co-Tee TV” and be as creative as possible with your sign, 3) post a link to your Tilteed profile page and your picture on either the Co-Tee TV Facebook Fan Page Wall or link to your picture in the comments section of this blog post! If you do all 3 steps then you could win the following prize package from Tilteed:

3 Tilteed Shirts Total, Including:
One (1) Bombs Away! tee by Dale Edwin Murray
Two (2) of the winning launch shirts (these will be two different designs).  

The contest ends on Wednesday July 22, 2009 at 11:59 PM Hawaii time. I will choose the most creative, funniest, and inventive entry to win the Tilteed prize package. 



HUGE laFraise €15,000 ($20,000) Contest

This is possibly the largest prize money ever for a single T-Shirt contest and I’m excited to see who’ll take home the cash! laFraise is kicking off their new site redesign in a big way, by giving out a truckload of cash. This is seriously a big deal, considering that Threadless, arguably the largest and most successful online T-Shirt contest site gave-a-way $20,000 for it’s Bestees awards, laFraise is going to giveaway €15,000 (roughly $20,915.59 USD) to the winner of their 15K contest. If you’re a designer, you definitely want to get in on this!

laFraise 15K Contest

Read on for full details:

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Most Of You Are Average + CONTEST!

I absolutely love the newest tee from Robit Studios! It’s called Most Of You Are Average and it features a simple bell shaped curve. Now, if any of you have taken a course in statistics then you are probably very familiar with this “normal” curve. This very simply shape is actually very powerful and can tell us a lot about any given population. 

Now, as a blogger, I hope that I don’t fall right smack down in the middle of the “T-Shirt blogging population.” I hope to fall at least two or three standard deviations to the right of the mean and towards awesomeness! In the world of blogging, those that stay at the peak of that bell shaped curve are easily forgotten. The goal is to be at the tail end of the curve (hopefully the positive end). Here are a few things that set this T-Shirt blog apart from the crowd:

1. Videos! Lots and lots of videos. Be sure to check out the latest episode of Co-Tee TV every Thursday and Coty Loves Threadless every Monday!

2. Attack of the Coupon Codes! Get the best deals from some of your favorite online tee shops right here. 

3. Indie Tee Spotlight highlights the best brands and interviews the people that run those brands!

4. Honest, original reviews and rich content! Each post is built with thought. No copy and pasting of press releases here!

5. Embracing social media! Find me on Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo! Download episodes of Co-Tee TV from the iTunes Music Store. 

Win MOST OF YOU ARE AVERAGE from Robit Studios!

What are some things that you do for your job, hobby or life in general that keeps you away from that peak of mediocrity? Tell me why you are NOT average! 

You have 3 chances to win. Answer the above and do one of the three things below and get one entry, do two of the below and you get two entries and if you do all three then you get the maximum 3 entries and 3 chances to win!

1. Leave your answer in the comments section here in the blog.

2. Become a fan of Co-Tee TV on Facebook and leave your answer on my fan page for another chance to win.

3. Retweet the following message for a 3rd entry:

RT @cotygonzales win a free shirt from @robit_studios by telling us why you’re NOT average! http://su.pr/2DvSZy 3 chances to win!

Be creative, be original and tell me why you are NOT average and I will choose one person to win this tee from Robit Studios! Contest ends on Saturday, July 11 at 11:59pm Hawaii Time.

Most Of You Are Average is available now from Robit Studios for just $18 but be sure to use the coupon code “GLORIOUS” at checkout to save an additional 10% off your entire order (valid until the end of August)!

Most Of You Are Average by Robit Studios

Most Of You Are Average by Robit Studios

Are you interested in giving your product away on cotygonzales.com? If so, contact me and lets have organize a promotional contest giveaway!

Win $10,000 from Design By Humans

It’s that time of the year again! Time for the big $10,000 Design By Humans contest. Remember last years winner, AJ Dimarucot (aka CollisionTheory)? Well, he took home the $10,000 cash prize for his design, Black Hole Sun, and started his own line of children clothes called googoo&gaga. What will you do with the cash if you win? 

Design By Humans just announced the newest 10K contest at Design By Humans, in celebration of the site’s 2nd birthday. The only requirement for entry is to be original! Over-sized prints, mixed media, and up to 14 ink colors are allowed so create something truly unique and you could take home the big prize. Get your submission in by July 26, 2009 and you could win one of these prizes:

Grand Prize: $10,000 USD
First Runner-Up: $1,000 USD
Second Runner-Up: $1,000 USD
Third Runner-Up: $1,000 USD
Fourth Runner-Up: $1,000 USD

Design By Humans

Design By Humans

Official Rules:

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DBH Design For Incubus

“From the intricate and symbolic effects of Light Grenades and ACLOTM album covers to the simple beauty of the coastline on Morning Views, the music of Incubus is expressed through a range of visual styles.

Brandon Boyd’s design for the Monuments and Melodies album cover is the latest Incubus creation that underscores their potent connection to art.

DBH caught up with Incubus in L.A. a couple weeks ago and introduced them to the DesignByHumans community. The band loved what they saw and are eager to add some hÃœman touch to their world by participating in our next sponsored contest.”

So, here’s what’s on the line:

DBH Design For Incubus