Johnny Cupcakes Raids Thailand Copy Cat

Vantage Eternal Shop in Bangkok, Thailand has been doing a very bad thing. They have been selling counterfeit Johnny Cupcakes goods. With the cooperation of the Thailand authorities and of course a good trademark lawyer, Mr. Cupcakes was able to have the illegal goods confiscated.

“Some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I say that it’s the sincerest form of getting punched in the face. Or the sincerest form of asking for a field trip to court. Every day is a battle. Seriously, every day. Today we won a big one. Bangkok, Thailand. I was informed by quite a few Johnny Cupcakes customers that this store was carrying hundreds of fake Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts. We even got this person kicked off of eBay for selling fakes. Well well… their store was just raided by police, over 400 t-shirts were confiscated, and the owner was arrested. He’ll be going to court shortly.”

Of even more interest to me is the photo of the “Infringer’s Board” (see below for photo) that Johnny posted. This is a white board that features brands who have caused intellectual property damage from around the world. The list includes:

  • Urban Outfitters
  • Hot Topic
  • Billabong
  • Pastry
  • Kohls
  • Random Bakeries
  • Various Online Stores
  • Stussy (iPhone Packaging)
  • Thailand
  • Korea (Ku Sung Bum, Koo Sung Bum, Benny Frying Pan)
  • Stockhold
  • Malaysia (Padini)

There are some big names on that list.

Johnny Cupcakes Raid

Johnny Cupcakes Thailand Raid

Johnny Cupcakes Thailand Raid

Johnny Cupcakes Thailand Raid

Johnny Cupcakes Infringemers Board

Johnny Cupcakes Demands Apology From Sorority

According to the Daily Orange, T-Shirt entrepreneur Johnny Cupcakes marched up to the Gamma Delta sorority house after one of his signature Johnny Cupcakes lectures at Syracuse University. During the lecture, he had shown examples of designs that had been ripped off by other companies, including Billabong. Apparently, Johnny Earle, the real man behind the Johnny Cipcakes brand, was upset because this particular sorority had used the Johnny Cupcakes skull and bones logo, without permission, on a sorority T-Shirt last year. 

And so Earle and company (a bunch of students) marched up to the sorority house door and demanded an apology. Story goes on to say that Earle got his apology and even an offer for dinner, which he said no to.

“I walked up their stairs and knocked on the door a bunch of times. I was in a good mood, so I told them I’d like an apology. They thought I was pulling out a weapon when I reached for my camera bag. I got many sincere apologies and they offered to cook food for me, as well as raise money for a charity of my choice. I have a list of things they gave to me, that they offered to do to remedy the situation. I told them to never ever wear those t-shirts in public(I might have them send the shirts my way) – and I explained to them that what they did was illegal and looked down upon. I’m sure the higher-ups at Delta Gamma would be disappointed with what this sorority/chapter did. Passing down the positive Delta Gamma legacy is hard to do when one of their chapters is doing something illegal, which is being written about in the school + local newspapers. I now know who they are and where they live. If I decide to take further legal action I just might, but for now we are at peace and they responded immediately in a possitive manner. Thank you everyone for backing me up, literally. That was quite a fun and epic night.” -Johnny Cupcakes

Syracuse Delta Gamma

Syracuse Gamma Delta