Slow Hands or Creepy Hands?

While I was checking out the latest RANDR Tees design, Gargoyle, another T-Shirt caught my eyeballs. The shirt is called Slow Hands, but it might as well be called Creepy Hands because that’s what it is…slightly creepy! The shirt is eye-catching, that’s for sure and would be a definite conversation piece. If you take a close look, you’ll see that the right hand is reaching for the heart, while the left hand is reaching for the junk. God, I love this T-Shirt.

Slow Hands is available now from RANDR Tees for $25.

The Watcher = Creepy Cat Shirt!

The newest tee from Random Objects is very creepy (in a subtle way). I am not the biggest cat fan and I am not sure where my lack of interest in felines originate. But let me tell you, cats and I do not get along. They creep me out, much like this shirt! I think it’s a combination of the fur and the overall stealthness in which they walk around. Very mysterious animals I tell you.

If cats are your thing, or even if you’re into overall creepiness then you might want to check out The Watcher from Random Objects. It’s printed on a 3/4 sleeve polly-cotton American Apparel blank and is available now for $26.

The Watcher by Random Objects