Like Seriously Uber Cute Foxes

Oh why hello brand spanking new Greg Abbott print at Tilteed! Foxes is the latest limited edition print from our pals at Tilteed and you have less than 2 days to score this T-Shirt at the pre-sale price of $12. I must admit that I really dig the colors of this particular tee. It screams Fall even though we’re headed right into the dark and cold days of Winter. And by the way, did you notice those cute foxes? I think that they just might be a tad cuter than those fennec foxes playing in the video below. A pet that looks as if it’s part dog, plays as if it’s a cat and has facial features like an anime character MUST be full of WIN. Like this T-Shirt.

Foxes by Greg Abbott is available now at Tilteed for $12 but use the coupon code TILTCOTY at checkout and score $2 off!