The Best of WonderCon 2010 Costume Spotting

The superheroes that descended upon the San Francisco’s Moscone Center this past weekend for WonderCon 2010 have returned to their simple and ordinary lives. Nonetheless, their costumes live on! Check out 45 of my favorite costumes from WonderCon 2010. If you’ve been following my daily costume spottings then you’ll notice that this is simply one big chunky posts with all of my faves. I hope you enjoy. I can’t wait for ComicCon 2010!

Wondercon Costume Spotting

*All photos belong to their respective owners.

I’d love to hear which one of these are your favorites! Leave a comment below in the comments section and let me know!

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Day 1 WonderCon 2010 Costume Spotting:

1. Cobra Commander, photo by mchulin. Hey look, it’s Cobra Commander! By the way, I think it’s time for me to confess that I haven’t seen G.I. Joe the live action movie yet. Is that so wrong?

Cobra Commander

2. Deadpool, photo by Official Star Wars Blog. I object to the upcoming Deadpool movie. I really do. Visit Star Wars.


3. Mad Hatter, photo by creativename. Mad Hatter or deranged hippie? You decide. Visit Creative Name Chick.

Mad Hatter

4. Jedi, photo by edopeno. No comic book convention would be complete without a Jedi. Visit Edopeno.


5. Weird Dude, photo by edopeno. Hi weird dude! Visit Edopeno.

Weird Dude

6. Stormtroopers, photo by mchulin. I know these aren’t Stormtroopers. Problem is, I have no idea what they are dressed up as!


7. Packaging Tape Clone Trooper, photo by Official Star Wars Blog. Neato! I wonder how many rolls of tape he went through to make this costume! VisitStar Wars.

Packaging Tape Clone Trooper

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WonderCon 2010 Costume Spotting (Day 2)

It’s Day 2 of WonderCon and we’ve got even more crazy costumes! Kudos to the photographers for snapping some amazing shots. My favorite has got to be the candid Captain America photos by Erik Wilson (Generik11) of Pixels at an Exhibition.

Wondercon Costume Spotting

*All photos belong to their respective owners.

If you stumbled on this blog via Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere then welcome! Please feel free to peruse the site and if you like what you see then I’d recommend adding Co-Tee TV as a friend on Facebook so that you can stay up-to-date on future posts!

Day 2 WonderCon 2010 Costume Spotting:

1. Captain America, photo by Generik11. Two excellent photos here. It’s Captain American in real life. And look, he even uses a cell phone like s regular people. Visit Pixels at an Exhibition.

Captain America

Captain America

2. Batman and Company, photo by Kelson. All together now…smile! Visit Hyperborea.

Batman & Company

3. Sailor Mini Moon & Sailor Moon, photo by BirdofPrey247. Oh Good God!!! Visit the Birds of Prey Costume Page.

Sailor Moon

4. Raven & Spoiler, photo by BirdsofPrey247. Okay, these two are just freakingly scary. The purple one gives me the creeps! Visit the Birds of Prey Costume Page.


5. Alien, photo by Wendy Copley. Could you imagine walking around the convention center with that damn huge head piece? Visit Wendolonia.


6. Superbear, photo by Generik11. I love this photo. It’s Superman … with a beer belly and some nip showing! Visit Pixels at an Exhibition.


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The Perfect Tee For Comic Con

This tee is called Super Cuts and it has to be the perfect tee for those of you headed to the San Diego Comic Con this year. Now your task is to see if you can figure out who these famous superheroes are from left to right. Ready? Go! See below for answers. You can pick up this tee from J!NX for $17.99 (couple more bucks extra for 2XL-3XL) plus shipping. BTW, these still haven’t changed their shipping policy to Hawaii that I’ve ranted about here.

Super Cuts

Super Cuts

Answer (from left to right): Harvey Dent, Mr. Fantastic, Wonder Woman, Rogue, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Superman, Prof. Xavier,The Incredible Hulk, Dr. Strange, Storm, Namor.

New Jon Wye Shirt Designs

Remember our friend Jon Wye? Sure you do, we featured him in Indie Tee Spotlight #14 and we did a video review of his Homemaker leather belt. Well, Jon Wye is back, this time with a ton of new tee designs! 

He has got 6 new designs, in both men and women’s tees. Included in his most recent release is a tee that he is calling the “the FIRST stylish Washington, DC.” Here’s what he had to say about the appropriately named Washington D.C. tee:

Most DC shirts come from the National Mall right next to the Hot Dog vendors, and don’t really reflect the city!

This new DC shirt hits the mark. The rigid letters spelling out “Washington” represent the more, well, rigid elements of the city… business… POLITICS! And “DC” along with the outside of the whole graphic are coated in a goo. The GOO is the rest of us, the underbelly, the coating which makes DC fun.

Washington DC

To go along with the DC tee, Jon also released a couple of other fun and neat designs. I especially like that Fighting Rooster and Richie Rich  tee! You can buy these tees here. Remember, Jon Wye is part of our Attack of the Coupons promotion so be sure to use the coupon code “5up” to take $5 off your purchase!

Richie Rich and Fighting Rooster

Love Birds and Owl

Superman Trilogy Coming?

Now I know that in the past I’ve mentioned that I think Bryan Singer should be allowed to continue the Superman series he started with 2006’s Superman Returns, but, the chances of that happening is looking pretty grim. Out goes Singer’s Man of Steel and in come Millar’s Superman trilogy, possibly. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Singer continuing what he started, but if Millar were given a chance to reboot or re-invent the franchise I would be all for it. Mark Miller, just in case  you’re not familiar with him, is the man behind Wanted, you know that summer blockbuster with Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy. Millar actually wrote the original Wanted comics and has done a ton of work within the different comic universes, including the big guns, DC and Marvel. 

In 2003 he wrote the critically acclaimed Superman: Red Sun, the premises of which was built on the question of what would things be like if Superman were raised in the Soviet Union. I wouldn’t care to see Soviet Superman on the big screen, but I do think that Millar has the potential to bring something new to the Superman franchise and in effect re-energize it.

Having said that, MIllar has gone on record in a recent interview with G4 and has said that he already has “plans” to make a Superman trilogy, that would be shot back to back much like the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

“I’ve had this plan for like 10 years for a big three-picture Superman thing, like a big Lord of the Rings epic, starting over from scratch again with a seven-hour Superman story. And hopefully release them one year after another,” continued Millar. “If it works out, we’ll have to start shooting next summer.”

Millar has even been reported as saying his vision of Superman is:

“Superman for the 21st Century, keeping everything we adore, but starting from scratch and making the kids love it as much as the 30-somethings.”

So it looks like the Superman saga continues. And let’s not forget, Mark Millar is a writer and not a movie director, so there is a possibility of Singer and Millar working together. The possibility of this happening, especially with Singer’s already existing vision, is slight to zero. But imagine for a moment what a creative combination that would make, much like the Nolan-Goyer combo they’ve got going for the Batman franchise. 

Cher Next Catwoman?

The Telegraph (UK Newspaper) reported yesterday that Christopher Nolan is seeking Cher to play Catwoman in the final installment of Nolan’s Batman trilogy, provisionally named The Caped Crusader. 

First of all, WTF. Cher? Are you out of your mind, Mr. Nolan, sir. Understandably your vision of the Batman universe thus far has been spot on. You’ve masterfully rebooted characters that Joel Schumacher so easily butchered in the 90’s. But Cher? According to the Telegraph, a studio exec has mentioned that Nolan would like Cher to portray Catwoman as a “vamp in her twilight years.” Even though I loved Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, the though of Cher playing Catwoman is very hard to swallow. Please don’t fuck this up Warner Bros..

A more appropriate choice, would definitely have to be Angelina Jolie. It has already been reported that Ms. Pitt has inquired about the role and is very interested. Would Ms. Pitt make a great Selina Kyle? I think hell yeah. I think she would own that role.

Having said that, does the Nolan series really need Catwoman in the final film? Sure she brings name recognition but she’s been done so many times before, sometimes good (Michelle Pfeiffer) and sometimes horrible (Halle Berry). Nolan, how about you resurrect other worthy Batman villains. If you’re keen on having a female baddy then how about Harley Quinn? Or how about Hugo Strange or even Bane (Schumacher’s version = ewwww)?