Social Media Campaign for DBH 10k: Mecha Labaw

Social Media Campaign for DBH 10K: Mecha Labaw is a guest post written by Blake from You Design It where they offer custom t-shirt printing. He’s a t-shirt fanatic that wants to rid the world of suits, one tee at a time.

With in the recent announcement of the Design By Humans top 10 finalists in the 10K contest, I thought it would be interesting to share with you one of the finalists’ social media campaigns to win. Talk about hustle, this artist has earned a spot in the top 10 for both his high quality artwork and strategic use of the Internet’s resources to gain votes.

I am speaking about Christian San Jose and his design named Mecha Labaw. Here is a look at it in case you haven’t seen it yet:

Mecha Labaw

When I was first introduced to this design, ironically it was not at Design By Humans. It was actually in my Google Feed Reader via a user generated blog named Design You Trust. Christian had uploaded his design to Design You Trust and used their platform to broadcast to the design community. This instantly put his design in front of thousands of like-minded designers that could potentially go to DBH to vote on his design.


Of course, he included the link to his design page on DBH, but he also went one huge step further. He actually created a website for his design under the same name – Mecha Labaw. That is definitely going above and beyond. He then incentivized votes by giving the chance to win five DBH shirts if you post the provided HTML snippet to include his design on one of your own webpages/blog/profile.


This kind of campaign is very innovative and could potentially create a whole new trend. The competition has just been stepped up a notch thanks to Christian San Jose. Let’s see just how far this goes in the upcoming weeks as the winner is selected.

Blake is a guest author from You Design It, where you can design t-shirts for custom printing.

The DBH 10K Top 20

The Design By Humans 10K Contest is well underway and the top 20 designs have been selected! I’ve included 5 of my favorites from the Top 20. You can also see the rest of the Top 20 below. Which are your favorites? Who do you think should win? The voting period for the Top 20 ends on August 20 so be sure to get your vote on before then!

Umibozu by thestray

The Dark Side of the Mystery by buko

The Ominous and Ghastly Mont Noir by againstbound

Twilight Rain by collisiontheory

Umibozu by thestray

Born to Run by radiomode

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Fill In The Bubble Contest! Win DBH Stuff.

Design By Humans just turned TWO so lets celebrate and give away some FREE STUFF!

What do you need to do? Easy. Fill in the bubble with something funny, sarcastic, humorous, cute, etc and win stuff from Design by Humans courtesy of me (Coty) and Co-Tee TV.

Rules, not much. The only requirement is that either “Coty” or “Co-Tee TV” (you can even use both if you like) has to be included somewhere in the photo, either in the bubble or outside the bubble. Have fun with it!

I’ve included links to the Photoshop files (44 MB) and the individual files with and without the bubble.


Win Either (you choose your prize):

Four (4) DBH $5 Tees
Two (2) DBH $10-$12 Tees
One (1) DBH $15-$18 Tee

And if you run a tee shop I’ll run your ad in the pimp spot (top ad on sidebar (300x250px) on my site for a 2 weeks as the default ad. Meaning, whenever the ad space doesn’t have a bid your site ad will be shown. Good deal, eh?

When you’re done with your photo entry, post here if you like so every one can see and make fun of me, but REMEMBER to post it on the Co-Tee TV Facebook Fan Page. And then email your hires entry to cotygonzales at gmail dot com. Got it? Okay, get to it!

Contest ends Friday July 24, 2009 at 11:59pm Hawaii Time.

BTW, you can do whatever you like to the background (that’s why I’m giving you the Photoshop file). Change it up if you like. Above all, be creative!

Contest PHOTOSHOP File (44 MB).

Contest JPG Files (3 MB).

$5 T-Shirt Sale at Design By Humans

Design by Humans just had a sale a few weeks ago but this is truly the big one! It’s the two year anniversary of Design By Humans and they are celebrating by having a $5 T-Shirt Sale on more than 84 of their designs. They also have a bunch of tees priced in the very reasonable $10-$12 and $15-$18 range. 

Enough chatter, time to go and buy some $5 shirts! 

Design By Humans Sale

Picture 2

21896_AnAmericanWerewolfIn copy

Co-Tee TV Episode 24: Brand Neusense, Applied Clothing and Design By Humans

In this episode I wear and review Meek Cloud from Applied Clothing and sent to me by the guys at Brand Neusense and review a tee called Mona Lisa SLIME that was designed by Zipperking for Design By Humans. Earn up to $8500 for your design submissions or even more when you enter special contests at Design By Humans!

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This week I continue my summer long series on Ongoing T-Shirt Contest Sites. Every week, I will be reviewing a different tee from one of many different online contest sites. I’ll be discussing how each of these sites differ, how the submission and selection process work and what your rights are as a designer. Check out past reviews on: ShirtFight, A Better Tomorrow, Full Metal T-Shirt and tFuse.

You can also watch this episode on Vimeo, Viddler, YouTube, and download and sync all episodes to your iPod or iPhone by subscribing for free to Co-Tee TV in the iTunes Store.

Coty’s Thoughts:

Mona Lisa SLIME by Zipperking and available at Design By Humans. Pros: I absolutely love the design on this shirt, that  slug pops like crazy! Plus, I am a sucker for the Mona Lisa! The Design By Humans shirt is soft, super soft! And I love the fit, it’s a comfortable loose and it’s not too short like the Threadless branded shirts. It’s tagless for itch free comfort, which is always a plus! Beautiful packaging, one of the best packages I’ve seen so far! Cons: The print itself is not the softest I’ve felt but I’m sure it’ll get softer after the initial wash. Other than that I absolutely adore this shirt. I’ll definitely be ordering from Design By Humans again.  Price: $24

Mona Lisa Slime by Design By Humans

Meek Cloud by Matt Joyce for Applied Clothing and available at Brand Neusense. Pros: The product itself is very well put together. The shirt features customs cut and sew elements with tags on the lower right seam and left arm sleeve seam. It’s not tagless but it does have a custom neck tag. The shirt is a bit thicker compared to American Apparel or Alstyle blanks. The shirt is produced from fair trade cotton. Brand Neusense offers international shipping and free shipping for all orders placed in the UK. Cons: The neck hole is a bit smaller than what I am used to. It is a bit baggier and looser than most shirts I review.  Price: £25.00.

Meek Cloud by Applied Clothing and available at Brand Neusense

If you want to send me a product to review, please feel free to do so. You can find my information in the contact menu above. Thanks!

Cute microbes on sale

The Twelve Time World Champion

Here’s a great tee design from Design By Humans member louisroskosch, I just love the illustration! I’ve always been a fan of wrestling, with my interest peaking in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Since then, I’d watch WWE in spurts but ever since they started showing Monday Night Raw on repeat and in HD on Sundays I started to watch a little more.

The Twelve Time Champion by Design By Humans

The Twelve Time World Champion features a pretty hefty wrestler! Who was your favorite hefty wrestler? Andre the Giant was a bit slow moving. Yokozuna was a meanie. Remember Earthquake? I think the Big Show has to be the most versatile of hefty wrestlers. What do you think? Buy The Twelve Time World Champion from Design By Humans for $20 now!

Win $10,000 from Design By Humans

It’s that time of the year again! Time for the big $10,000 Design By Humans contest. Remember last years winner, AJ Dimarucot (aka CollisionTheory)? Well, he took home the $10,000 cash prize for his design, Black Hole Sun, and started his own line of children clothes called googoo&gaga. What will you do with the cash if you win? 

Design By Humans just announced the newest 10K contest at Design By Humans, in celebration of the site’s 2nd birthday. The only requirement for entry is to be original! Over-sized prints, mixed media, and up to 14 ink colors are allowed so create something truly unique and you could take home the big prize. Get your submission in by July 26, 2009 and you could win one of these prizes:

Grand Prize: $10,000 USD
First Runner-Up: $1,000 USD
Second Runner-Up: $1,000 USD
Third Runner-Up: $1,000 USD
Fourth Runner-Up: $1,000 USD

Design By Humans

Design By Humans

Official Rules:

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This shirt by MasterControl excels on so many different levels! Cats have been getting an extraordinary amount of attention as of late, especially with the popularity of sites such as ICanHasCheezBurger. I’ve mentioned on the site before that I am not the biggest cat fan, but, this shirt is kickass because of the cats! Interestingly enough, MasterControl mentioned that this was originally submitted to Threadless but did not earn a print. I’m glad that this got a second chance at Design By Humans. You can pick it up from DBH for $25. 


Flash Back by ProperDirtz

Flash Back by ProperDirtz is my Friday DBH pick! Love this shirt, especially the colors. By the way, this is the second tee this week from Design By Humans with a deer as the focal point. Is it deer week somewhere and I just don’t know about it! Flash Back is available now at Design By Humans for $25. 

Flash Back by ProperDirtz from Thailand