Cool Try: Tyrannosaurus Rex Will Eat You Up

This shirt bleeds WTF Cool. Yeah, WTF because it features a Tyrannosaurus rex biting into a skateboarder and Cool because it features Tyrannosaurus rex biting into a skateboarder. Yes, the repetition in the previous sentence was intended. Honestly, I’m not sure why this shirt is called the Bootleg T-Shirt. And frankly, I don’t care. It features a fucking Tyrannosaurus rex biting into a skateboarder.

The Official Cool Try Bootleg T-Shirt is available now from Cool Try for $20.

Gama-Go 24 Hoodie Sale + 2 Tee Madness

Pssssssst. I’m going to let you in on a secret. Gama-Go is having a 24 hour sale, starting tomorrow (September 23) and all hoodies will be priced at just $44. That’s insane, considering that Gama-Go hoodies are normally priced at $64. Go save yourself $20 and pick up a hoodie (or two) tomorrow.

And so you might be wondering, what the heck will I do with that extra $20?! I know, why don’t you pick up a pair of Gama-Go T-Shirts to go with that new hoodie. If you use the coupon code TWOTEES44 at checkout, you will score two tees of your choice for just $44. And with tees normally priced at $28, you’ll end up saving another $12!





Ignoble’s Dino Boy

Santa Monica based Ignoble is known for their screen printed, hand numbered and short run tees. Their latest creation, Dino Boy is no different. Dino Boy is limited to a print run of 50 tees and features a black print on a slate American Apparel shirt.

Not a suit and tie person? If this true of you then this is a T-Shirt that you have to own. The whole point behind this graphic is to tell the world, loud and proud, that the suit and tie salesperson needs to go extinct. NOW.

Extinction is a reality. Scientists will have you believe it is a measureable quality, one that can be monitored, tracked, and traced. So we ask, why the hell do only cool things ever seem to go extinct? Enter Dino Boy.

Don’t get us wrong, ‘DB’ is a COOL graphic, and we’re rocking this shirt proudly. But society willing we’d have the whole lot of suit-and-tie salespeople extinct by morning, no further questions asked.

Dino Boy is available now from Ignoble for $22.95.

Dino Boy

Dino Boy

Threadless Kids Clearance Sale

Known an awesome kid? We’ll here’s your chance to pick them up some awesome threads! The good people over at Threadless is having a huge clearance sale on all of their gear made especially for kids, including onesies, hoodsies, hoodies and of course kid tees! The tees are normally priced at $20 but they have been marked down to $9. Score!

Threadless Kids Clearance Sale



We're on the same level by Dud Lawson

Friendly Beasts by Hillary White

Blowfish by Andy Gonsalves

I’m Fat Let’s Part + Zombie Dinosaur!

Our good friend David Murray of Seibei just released two new (and awesome) tees! I’m a big fan of Seibei and will probably be ordering at least one of these tees in the near future. My navy and white Sandwich Dinosaur tee is getting a little worn out so I think it might be time to upgrade to the brand spanking new Zombie Dinosaur design.

Although I never grew up as the prototypical fat kid, there was a time when I was referred to as being husky. Husky, hmmmmmm. Is that code for fat? Probably. And as such, I’d be proud to wear the new I’m Fat Let’s Party Shirt.

Both of the new tees are available now for sale at Seibei for $22. Also, word on the street is that Seibei will be unleashing a brand spanking website redesign. I’m excited to see what he has in store for us.

Zombie Dinosaur

I'm Fat Let's Party

Seibei’s Sandwich Dinosaur Featured on Dexter

So some of you might know that I am a HUGE Dexter fan. And of course, if you read this blog often, you know that I am a HUGE Seibei fan. So I was totally stoked to find out that Seibei’s immensely popular Sandwich Dinosaur was featured in the last episode of Dexter (Season 4 – Episode 9). Oddly enough, I remember the scene but totally missed the shirt!

Ironically, the character wearing the Seibei Sandwich Dino Shirt in the episode has the same first name as me (albeit with a different spelling, but who cares).

Seibei posted a screenshot on the Seibei blog but they were a bit grainy since I’m guessing someone snapped a picture of the TV screen using a digital camera. I grabbed some screenshots from an HD Recording! Here they are:

Seibei on Dexter

Seibei on Dexter

Seibei on Dexter

And although you can’t buy that Sandwich Dinosaur tee in that colorway, it is available in a slew of other options for $22 a piece. And you can save 10% on your entire order by using the coupon code “COTY” at checkout!

Seibei Sandwich Dinosaur