Scary Anime Lady Scribble T-Shirt

You can file this under the category labeled bizarre. Yu Kobayashi is a Japanese actress that is best known for her voice, which has appeared in video games such as Ar tonelico III, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and the feature film adaptation of Animal Crossing. What’s bizarre is that she decided to create some scribbles that look like they came from someone who was high on acid. And the worst part is that this isn’t a joke product, Kobayashi is actually selling her design in tote and T-Shirt form. If you’re crazy enough to be even remotely interested in this, then you deserve to spend the $63 that it will cost you to own these two products.

Would you buy this T-Shirt/Tote combination pack? Would you wear this T-Shirt?

Ben Does Life

On December 25th 2008, Ben Davis decided to get his life in order. He was a young guy that weighed 360 pounds. He was obese and miserable. And so Ben decided to make a change. He decided to do life. He decided to do life in a healthy way. He started by doing short jogs, then he did a 5K, then he did a 10K and then he did a sprint triathlon. He didn’t stop there. He kept running and eventually did a full marathon and then he completed an Ironman. Ben has lost 120+ pounds since his journey first started.

Watch the following video and you will be touched. And hopefully, you’ll be inspired to start leaving a healthier life.

To track his progress, Ben started a Tumblr blog to track his journey and weight loss. Since he first started his blog in 2008, he has built up quite a following. In fact, his story was recently featured on the Today Show and subsequently went viral on the Internet. And now, he has a T-Shirt.

“Yes, I decided to make a Do Life T-shirt and I’m really excited with the way they came out. I’ve always loved the idea of “doing life” as a message; a message of not just losing weight or becoming a runner, but becoming a better person in all aspects of life, so I made a shirt to go along with that idea.”

The shirts are priced at $13.50 and are available now at Ben Does Life.