Guilty Pleasures Indeed

Alright, so we all know that tee designer, Wotto, has mastered the art of doodling little monsters as evidenced by the many shirts he has had printed by a variety of brands across InternetLAND. His newest shirt, available now at Tilteed, is probably my favorite of his (for now, that is). And let’s face it, the concept of guilty pleasures is awesome. And did I tell you my two favorite colors in the entire universe are blue and silver? I think this shirt was made for me!

You can pick up Guilty Pleasures now from Tilteed for the introductory price of $12 and use the code “TiltCoty” for an extra 10% off your entire order. After 3 days you’ll pay $18 so be sure to pick it up now if you want it! One more thing, they say size doesn’t matter, but damn, this huge print looks damn fine. Nice pick, Tilteed!

Guilty Pleasures by Wotto and available at Tilteed