Liquid Courage + The Top 5 College Bars In America

If you’re a college student or have graduated from college then you know that local college bars are an integral part of the university experience. For me, that place was Magoo’s. Located on the ubiquitous University Avenue, Magoo’s was the only watering hole that mattered for University of Hawaii students. It was old, dingy and smelled of drunken good times. Oh, Magoo’s also had a load of beer on tap and the popular $5 pitcher was a popular drink for cash starving students. I always had the same thing, a pitcher of Pyramid Hefeweizen – the smoothness of wheat bear!

In any case, Complex Magazine put together a list of some of the best college bars in the nation. Here are the top 5 college bars in America:

5. Kilroy’s on Kirkwood (Indiana University Bloomington)

“Classic video games and a special that makes just about everything on Wednesdays cost two dollars? If we didn’t know any better, we’d accuse Kilroy’s of targeting 12-year-olds on allowance day. Which would be highly illegal, but kind of gangster all the same.”

4. Smokey Joe’s (University of Pennsylvania)

“Their “Dog Day” afternoon special, $1 hot dogs and $2 draughts, is perfect for two things: a) unwinding after a hard morning of classes, and b) taking some years off your life. Which is OK; the late years are all forgetty and wrinkly anyway.”

3. Beacon Hill Pub (BC/BU/Harvard/MIT)

“Pop a shot (basketball) and have a shot (probably Jameson) at this dingy dive on the backside of Beacon Hill. It’s not really claimed by any of the city’s many schools because no one really wants it. Nevertheless, an institution.”

2. Catacombs (University of Colorado)

“Beneath the Bolderado Hotel and out of the buzz of Pearl Street there’s a subterranean bar with tasty cheap brews and a big-ass dance floor. That should be enough to pique your interest.”

1. Duffy’s Tavern (University of Nebraska)

“Duffy’s has a fire pit, live music (Nirvana played there once), fishbowl-sized cocktails and it’s…in Nebraska? Wait, we’d better double check this… yep. It rules.”

And all of that leads us to this T-Shirt. It’s called Liquid Courage and it was designed by college student David Smith for Rethink Clothing. Rest assured that beer will help to solve any ailment that involves a lack of confidence. Order up a pint at your institutions watering hole and build up some liquid courage! Although this T-Shirt will not boost your liquid courage levels per se, it will make for a great conversation piece while you are sucking down those pints.

Liquid Courage is available now from Rethink Clothing in Creme and Heather colorways for $16.99 (but you can score 20% off your entire order if you use the coupon code COTY at checkout).

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Kudos to our friends over at T-Post for their recent “issue” and most creative T-Shirt to date! The shirt is called Rock, Paper, Scissors and is based on that childhood game that we all know and love. What makes this shirt so awesome? It’s interactive! Put your shirt on and then jump on to the T-Post site and you can play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with your shirt! Seriously, I am not even kidding. The site uses your web camera and then takes advantage of augmented reality so that you can have a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with your shirt!

Check out the video to see the shirt in action:

This interactive shirt was designed by Marc Stromberg and you can find it over at T-Post for $19. If you sign up as a subscriber you’ll receive free issues in the mail every month! If this all sounds confusing to you then check out this review I did of T-Post in Episode 36 of Co-Tee TV.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Digits by Drew & Natalie Dee

I spotted this awesome shirt at the Sharing Machine and I just had to share with you fine tee loving folks. It’s called Digits and it features Pi, you know, that awesomely long number that we learned about in grade school. 

According to this shirt, designed by Drew & Natalie Dee, there are three types of people who recite Pi. Which category do you fall in? I most certainly fall into the “Most People” category!

You can pick up this shirt from the Sharing Machine for $16. They also have prints available for just $8. Men’s shirts are printed on 100%-cotton Gildan brand tees. Women’s shirts are printed on Bella 1001 fitted women’s tees.


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