The Cool Try Enamel Pin

These tiny pins from Cool Try are, errr, quite cool.

Cop one (or two, or three) now for $5.00 with free shipping. Only 150 of these limited edition “Gold metal edge, recessed sandblasted gold center, black enamel” pins were produced.

When Sweets Turn Sour

When Sweets Turn Sour is the newest tee from German based T-Shirt contest site, A Better Tomorrow and was designed by a blog favorite, Dale Edwin Murray. The shirt features some pretty feisty hard candy treats, including what looks like a seemingly hardcore candy cane! Too bad our teeth weren’t made to withstand endless amounts of sugar, but then again, our hips would probably suffer if we did have that ability!

The lesson here, kids? Brush you teeth and those meanie candies will have a harder time poking holes into your treasured teeth. Give your enamel a chance to succeed!

Pick up When Sweets Turn Sour from A Better Tomorrow now for 26,00 €.

When Sweets Turn Sour