Mt. Killrazorclaw + 2009 Linty Fresh Poem Book

Our friend Eric Terry just released the latest Linty Fresh tee for the month of December and it looks like classic Linty Fresh. This multi-colored print features the character Mt. Killrazorclaw and a bunch of geometrical shapes with the Linty Fresh named worked into the design. It sort of reminds me of The Most Fantastic Things. As with all new Linty Fresh tees, Mt. Killrazorclaw comes with a special collector’s card featuring an accompanying poem. You can pick this tee up from Linty Fresh for $22.

Speaking of poems, Eric also released the first ever Linty Fresh Poem Book:

This 26-page booklet contains all of Linty Fresh’s 2009 tshirt designs alongside their respective poems. Features a foreward by the author and designer, and a thick-stocked satin cover with glossy pages.

The poem book is available now for just $3.99.

I should also note that in the recent Linty Fresh Chat #6, Eric announced that Linty Fresh will not be doing monthly releases on the first of every month. He will instead be shifting to a seasonal model.

Mt. Killrazorclaw

Mt. Killrazorclaw

2009 Linty Fresh Poem Book

2009 Linty Fresh Poem Book

August Release From Linty Fresh

August looks to be a huge month for Linty Fresh with the re-release of an old favorite as well as tons of fun new belts! Eric Terry of Linty Fresh brought back one of the most popular Linty Fresh designs in a new colorway. The Most Fantastic Things can now be had in a new Lime flavor and you can even pick up the original grey colorway. There’s also a selection of 10 different Linty Fresh belts in a slew of different colors. You can pick up The Most Fantastic Things for $22 and the belts for $15. 

The Most Fantastic Things by Linty Fresh

The Most Fantastic Things

The Most Fantastic Things

Linty Fresh Summer Sale + New Keith The Quiet

All of you Linty Fresh fans will enjoy this: it’s Summer Sale time! This means that you can save up to 25% on some amazing Linty Fresh products, including belts from $12, hoodies for $35 and of course tees starting at $15. The bundle packs have also been marked down as well, so you might want to pick one of those up for extra savings! 

For those of you who were sad last month due to a lack of new Linty Fresh gear, there’s no need to worry for the month of July. Eric Terry from Linty Fresh unveiled new colorways for the ever popular Keith The Quiet tee. I love the new colors, especially the yellow on blue – love it! The new Keith The Quiet tees are available now for $22.

Linty Fresh Summer Sale

Keith The Quiet

Keith The Quiet

Welcome to Atlanta by Linty Fresh

The start of a new month means just one thing – a brand spanking new tee from Linty Fresh! The May design from Linty Fresh is called Welcome to Atlanta and it’s an interesting one. It’s a nod to the hometown of Linty Fresh, Atlanta, Georgia, and it features some iconic Atlanta imagery. First off, the peach is central to this shirt and rightfully so as it is the state fruit and the first thing that many think of when Georgia comes to mind. And then you’ve got the The Big Chicken, a local landmark, if not an infamous one, that dates back to the 1960’s. Linty Fresh has pitted these two Georgia icons against each other and I am terribly afraid to see what the outcome would be, yikes!

And as always, Eric has put together a graphic that shows the design process for Welcome to Atlanta. Great stuff! You can pick up Welcome to Atlanta from Linty Fresh for $22.00. 

I’ve also got something special for you Linty Fresh fans – it’s Linty’s own Eric Terry singing an original song that he wrote, Stick Around! Now isn’t he just an all around talented guy!

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Welcome to Atlanta by Linty Fresh

Welcome to Atlanta by Linty Fresh

Linty Fresh Live Chat #4

It’s Linty Fresh chat time and this time it’s going to be live in China! That’s right folks, Eric Terry, who has chatted in the past out of the Linty Fresh headquarters in Marietta, Georgia, has taken the show on the road. Be sure to tune in to find out what he’s been up to while he’s been up in China and of course come ready with questions!

Linty Fresh Live Chat #4

Co-Tee TV Episode 13: X-Ray Goggles, Linty Fresh and Mack

In this episode I wear X-Ray Goggles Work by Tony Aguero from Threadless and review Mack Hated Mondays from Linty Fresh, a brand run entirely by Eric Terry out of his home in Marietta, Georgia, and specializing in character driven designs that are accompanied with a story or poem to match. As always, enjoy with tea and a comfy tee!

You can also watch this episode on Vimeo, Viddler, YouTube, and download and sync all episodes to your iPod or iPhone by subscribing for free to Co-Tee TV in the iTunes Store.

Coty’s Thoughts:

Mack Hated Mondays by Linty Fresh. Good: Huge print, love the colors, the pink and yellow pop nicely against the black, printed on an American Apparel blank, screen printed in three different areas, tagless for itch free comfort, great presentation with custom packaging and lots of extra goodies included with package. Bad: If I am being honest, I had no complaints. Linty Fresh has excellent products and I am happy that I finally got to get my hands on them. Price: $22.00.

Mack Hated Mondays by Linty Fresh

X-Ray Goggles Work by Tony Aguero and available at Threadless. This is one of those shirts that scream look at me! I love it! And I still wish I had a pair of X-Ray Goggles. Price: $18.00 originally but no longer available for sale.

X-Ray Goggles Work by Tony Aguero

If you want to sent me a product to review, please feel free to do so. You can find my information in the contact menu above. Thanks!

The Petrol Kid + Sale at Linty Fresh

I love the first of the month. Why? Because the first of the month means a new tee from Linty Fresh! The Petrol Kid marks the first of many collaborations that Linty Fresh will be doing. Linty Fresh’ Eric Terry hooked up with South African based designer, Theory One, on The Petrol Kid design. 

The Petrol Kid

Eric came up with the concept, and from there, worked with Theory One on the details and final design. Check out the neat graphic pulled from Linty Fresh’s Flickr page showing the collaboration process! Pick up The Petrol Kid for $22.00 at Linty Fresh!

The Petrol Kid Collaboration

Step one: I provided the character design, color scheme, and poem
Step two: Dylan went nuts with details, type, and an awesome backdrop
Step three: I redrew the bandit character, tightened the design to the concept, and fleshed out some details in the train, conductor, and backdrop
Step four: printed to a tee!

And I almost forgot – sale! Linty Fresh is having a huge discount sale to get rid of some old inventory. A lot of his tees have been marked down to $15, some are even priced at $10. The sale ends on March 31. These will surely go fast so pick one up now if there’s a tee that catches your fancy!

Linty Fresh Sale

Dr. K’s Chemistry – New Linty Fresh Tee

It’s February already, and with every new month comes a new Linty Fresh tee. This month, Eric Terry released the very purple Dr. K’s Chemistry and it glows in the dark! It’s a cool tee and marks Linty Fresh’s first foray into glow in the dark ink. Eric has provided some cool pics showing the tee in light and what it looks like in the dark and as you can see from the images, the design changes which is pretty neat. The tee is available now at Linty Fresh for $22. To get the scoop on Eric’s inspiration for this tee, check out his blog – it’s a good read!

Dr. K's Chemistry

Dr. K's Chemistry

Linty Fresh Live Show #3 Review

This evening Eric Terry of Linty Fresh hosted his 3rd Linty Fresh ustream chat. He had a special guest this time around, Vincent Maglione. Eric, as usual, answered questions regarding Linty Fresh and Vincent was there to talk about search engine optimization (SEO), web design and coding. Here are my notes from the show for those of you that would rather read then watch. A ton of questions were asked so click on to read them all!

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