TypeTees Slogan-A-Day Experiment Week 4

Tada, Friday is slogan day and I’ve got another weeks worth of TypeTees slogan entries for you guys to vote for! Help me out in my epic TypeTees Slogan-A-Day Experiment! I can taste that Threadless shield so vote so I can get printed! To see all of my slogans and to vote for them check out my Threadless profile page. Vote for me and I will make you waffles if ever we meet in real life.


Fact: I am faster than 100 percent of all snails.

Hmmm, this is a variation of a quote from The Office that I actually saw on a friends Facebook page. I changed the snakes to snails and 80% to 100% and called it a day. 

If all men became priests then humanity would go extinct.

This one came from roommates brother who said something similar (but not as good, lol).

Sketchbooks are to humans as corn fields are to aliens.

This is so true, right! Humans draw in sketchbooks and aliens take it a step further and fly to another planet and sketch on corn fields. On a separate note – I’d love to meet a bona fide alien, if you know one then hook me up.

I’m only lazy when I am awake.

I certainly felt like it on this particular day, probably because I was preparing a presentation on cognition and brain damage and I was pretty tired. In the end, the Keynote came out to over 100 slides (my slides consists mainly of images and slides with only a few words) and the presentation was super!

Sometimes I just sit alone, scratch my head and wonder why.

Yeah, this is me being emo. Probably because of the reasons I explained above.

An eye for an eye will only result in partial blindness.

Oh Mr. Gandhi was such a great dude – but he got this one wrong. An eye for an eye will only result in two guys with partial blindness. Stay away from the eyes! And be good people!

I only fall down for the push ups.

I tested this one out with a friend and he didn’t get it. His loss!

TypeTees Slogan-A-Day Experiment

So here’s the experiment – I plan to come up with a slogan every day and submit it to the ongoing Threadless TypeTees slogan contest. The slogan will probably be based on something that I did or experienced during the day. Today, I watched Punisher: War Zone and came up with this, my first entry – a little grim for Threadless but it’s what I came up with!

And you don’t have to worry, I won’t flood the blog with my daily slogan entries, instead I’ll mention it on Twitter! Every Friday I’ll do a little wrap up post with the entries and I’ll post this on the blog and hopefully I’ll score more “I’d wear it” votes than “Um, stupid” votes!

Let’s see how long it takes for me to get a Coty slogan printed! How long do you guys think this will take? A few weeks, months, years?! Oh gosh, what did I get myself into!

What are you waiting for – go vote on my first entry (clicking on the image and voting I’d wear it will make me smile automatically no matter where I am in the world)! 

I Used To be Fierce. Now I'm Ruthless!

PS: If you’re wondering about the movie – I liked it! Much better than the previous two versions. A lot more gritty, graphic and vulgar – very Punisher like!