DeadBuryDead: Live Out Loud, Live In These Tees

DeadBuryDead has definitely stepped up their game since I first featured them on this blog. I really enjoy the look and feel of their current line of tees – very vintage without trying to hard to be vintage. It also looks like they’ve caught the eye of the people at They are the latest indie brand to be featured on this daily deal site that emphasizes good design.

The DeadBuryDead T-Shirt are priced at $16 a piece, that’s 36% off the retail price of $24.99. Remember, is invite only so if you’re not already a member, here’s an invite from ME to YOU.

Clintees: T-Shirts With A NYC Attitude

Clintees is an amazing little brand based out of New York with a brash collection of T-Shirts featuring iconic faces and logos with a distinctly subversive edge that will separate you from the rest of the kids on the street.

“I adore Clint ever since I shot his workshop for Dwell. Whenever I wear my I Can’t Afford To Love NY shirt I get stopped on the street. It’s bold and makes people smile.” -Bradford Shellhammer, CCO and Co-Founder at

I have to agree with Shellhammer, that I Can’t Afford To Love NY tee is an eye catcher and it speaks the truth. I still love New York, though, even if I can only afford it two weeks at a time. Right now you can score an amazing deal on these Clintees designs at Normally $20, they are on sale for the next two days for $16. is an invite only website featuring some of the best designed products on the planet at a discount price. If you’re not yet a member, here’s your invite from me to you. You can thank me later.

Hozell: The So-Cal Original (53% Off Sale)

Once again our friends over at have some awesome T-Shirts for sale at huge discounts. For the next two days they are featuring Hozell, a brand based out of Orange County, California.

“Orange County-based Hozell are proud purveyors of Southern California style. Featuring classic cuts with laidback materials and a keen attention to detail, these T-shirts, tank tops, polos and henleys are all locally produced with certified organic dyes.”

It’s obvious that the inspirationf or these T-Shirts are lazy days on the beach and eating Mexican food. It’s a chill vibe and I can appreciate that. Right now you can score 53% of these T-Shirts over at for the next 2 days only. Regularly priced at $43, you can now pick up these tees for just $20. Remember, is invite only so if you’re not already a member, here’s an invite from ME to YOU.

Chop Shop Print Sale at Fab

So I’ve been hyping over the last few days, mainly because they’ve been selling a lot of good stuff. Sexy stuff. Stuff that have been reviewed by a keen designer eye. Basically, everything they sell is eye candy. So I was perusing the site today and noticed that our friends from The Chop Shop is featured as a daily deal on the site – awesome! If you visit this blog regularly then you know that I’ve always been a fan of The Chop Shop.

“Chop Shop calls itself a nerd’s haven. Their fun and smart designs celebrate the aspects of geeky pop culture you sometimes wish you didn’t know and love so much. Featuring robots, vampires, aliens, rock stars, and space equipment, they’ve embraced their inner nerd and so should you.”

They’ve got four prints (letterpress and digital prints) for sale over at priced from $15. The deal is good until Thursday August 4, 2011. Having said that, if you want to buy some of the tees by the Chop Shop but not sold at then head on over to the Chop Shop’s online store and get your nerd on!

Also, remember that is invite only and features sales of up to 70% off – here’s my invite for you to join!