WearingSocial: Turn Your Facebook and Twitter Friends Into A T-Shirt

You’ve got tons of Facebook and Twitter friends? Probably more than you need. What if I told you that you could actually turn those virtual friends into something tangible? Well you can with WearingSocial. WearingSocial taps into the API’s of both Twitter and Facebook and allows you to create mosaic themed T-Shirts with the profile pics of your friends.

I tested it out with Facebook (the preview images below were generated using my Facebook account – can you spot Andy from Hide Your Arms?) and I have to say that process is very simple. It’s very similar to using a 3rd party app with Facebook, you’ll need to grant WearingSocial permission to your Facebook account before it is able to grab your friends’ profile photos. From there it’s just a matter of choosing your T-Shirt design and WearingSocial does the rest.

WearingSocial is actually quite neat, especially if you’re into social media. The WearingSocial T-Shirts are priced at $19.99.

Social media enthusiasts may also be interested in this list of 101 T-Shirts For Social Media Gurus, Facebook Fans and Twitter Addicts.

Shirt Status: Wear Your Facebook Status

Shirt Status proclaims that you should turn your Facebook status into an actual T-Shirt. Not an entirely new concept, but it is interesting in that they offer a semi-easy way for you to do this without you needing to tinker too much in a graphics program. Basically, they start you off with a default Facebook status laid on top of basic template design, akin to the Facebook status thought bubble. What’s neat is that you can change the status to whatever you like and they’ll print it for you … errr, Spreadshirt will print it for you.

Interesting concept, but, there are some flaws, in my opinion. First of all, they use Spreadshirt, which means YOU (without the help of Shirt Status) could easily design your own T-Shirt in a similar style, even if you’re not a Photoshop guru. Secondly, if you did do it yourself via Spreadshirt then you would probably pay less because you’re making it for yourself and won’t need to mark it up for profit (unless of course you’d like to charge yourself more than you’d like, then by all means go ahead). Finally, if you did do it yourself then the you won’t be stuck with the Shirt Status logo on the shirt (making it a bit more Facebook-ish).

So if you’re in the market for a Facebook status themed T-Shirt then I’d say 1. Use Shirt Status if you’re lazy and just want your product as quickly and as easily as possible, and 2. Don’t use Shirt Status if you think you can design your own status graphic (easy) and would like a cleaner look.

Shirt Status T-Shirts are available now for $19.95.

101 T-Shirts For Social Media Gurus, Facebook Fans and Twitter Addicts

Are you a social media guru? Are you on Facebook 24/7 connecting with everyone humanly possible? Have you leveraged Twitter for all that it is worth? If so, then the following list of 101 T-Shirts for Social Media Gurus, Facebook Fanatics and Twitter Addicts may be of interest to you. At the very least, it will help you prepare your wardrobe for the next über geeky social media or tech heavy conference, because we all know that wherever the geeks go, so do the geeky T-Shirts.

101 Social Media Shirts

I’d love to hear which one of these are your favorites and whether or not you own any of these tees! And if you know of a Social Media related shirt not on this list then please tell me about it. Leave a comment below in the comments section and let me know!

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1. You Like This by NerdyShirts, $19.95.

You Like This

2. I’m The Mayor of Your Mom on FourSquare by Rizzo Tees, $16.

I'm The Mayor of Your Mom on Foursquare

3. Dislike by Busted Tees, $16.99.


4. Nice To Tweet You by ShirtCity, $19.95.

Nice To Tweet You

5. The Coupons by Chop Shop, $20.

The Coupons

6. I Like Wikipedia by Headline Shirts, $15.

I Like Wikipedia

7. d @skywalker by Cathie Tranent (RedBubble), $23.94.

Skywalker DM

8. I’m Not A Blogger I Just Tweet A Lot by Twitter Tees by Threadless, $18.

I'm Not A Blogger I Just Tweet A Lot

9. #ThisShirt by Busted Tees, $10.


10. Digg & Reddit & Stumbleupon & Del.icio.us by NerdyShirts, $19.95.

Digg & Reddit & Stumbleupon & Del.icio.us

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Cultbook: 400 Million Users and Growing

When I first joined Facebook I felt as if I was part of the cool culture of educated geeks who seemed to agree with my sentiments that the bigger and more established Myspace sucked ass. When I first signed up for Facebook, I was happy to see that the little teeny boppers were gone, as were the annoying background flashing GIF’s. There was no music that instantly streamed every time you loaded a new page – thank goodness! The Facebook interface was clean, easy on the eyes and a pleasure to navigate. You needed a .edu email address to register. There was a time when Facebook felt exclusive.

Those days are gone.

NerdyShirts sums things up succinctly by characterizing Facebook as Cultbook. With 400 million users and growing, including those teeny boppers that I so happily left behind when I abandoned Myspace, Facebook is turning into the modern day MySpace. Facebook is no longer exclusive. Facebook is Cultbook, 400 million users strong and growing.

Cultbook is available now from NerdyShirts for $14.95 ($5 off this week only).


And for you Facebook loyalist, be sure to get the You Like This tee, also from NerdyShirts for $19.95.

You Like This

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Facebook Like Co-Tee TV

The Coupon Tee

The newest tee from the Chop Shop is pretty killer. Instead of a design comprised of 50 or so silhouettes, they have a design that features 19 funny, mock coupons! If you’re a tech nerd or web geek, you’ll find at least one coupon here that will tickle your funny bone.

The Chop Shop is offering the aptly named The Coupon Tee in 5 different colors (Eggplant, Silver, Cranberry, Orange, White). The shirt is available now for sale for $20 ($2  extra for American Apparel tees).

“19 various coupons for tech nerds and web enthusiasts. Special offers not seen on any other t-shirts anywhere! They range from 30% the droids you are looking for to 50% off any 1 ring of power in either styles for men or dwarves. Other offers will get your mom off Facebook and make it so that someone sees one of your tweets. Order it now and start taking advantage of all the glorious offers!”

Disclaimer: Not all offers valid and cutting coupons out of shirt will render shirt full of holes.

The Coupon Tee

The Coupon Tee

The Coupon Tee

The Coupon Tee

The Coupon Tee

A Little Bit Weird (And Now Available On Facebook)

Facebook has pretty much become ubiquitous with having any type of presence on the web. If you’re a brand, have a website or sell stuff on the web then you probably have a Facebook Fan Page. Indie brand A Little Bit Weird has decided to use their Facebook page as something more than a dumping spot for their media. They have opened up a storefront on the fan page to compliment their main online shop.

I really think this is a great idea. I don’t think that I’ve seen any other indie brands selling their tees directly from within Facebook so this is quite a refreshing move by A Little Bit Weird. Go ahead and check out their page, below you’ll see two of my favorites from their shop, Father Time and Guys Bear, both of which are available for $24.

A Little Bit Weird

A Little Bit Weird

A Little Bit Weird

A Little Bit Weird

No One Cares About Your Farm

My sentiments, exactly! And that’s is why I’ve hidden Facebook apps from my Facebook news feed. Do those Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc. notifications annoy you on Facebook? Just hover over one of those updates in your News Feed and click on the “Hide” option that appears to the right. Choose to hide those notifications from your feed and you won’t have to worry about them ever again!

However, according to this article from Mashable, we might not have to worry about Facebook app notifications any more. They supposedly said goodbye to the practice today. However, the article does mention that the notifications will shift to email notifications – which is just as bad in my opinion (but tolerable thanks to Gmail’s filter feature)!

Pick up the shirt from J!NX for $17.99. Hey J!NX, have you guys fixed the outrageous Hawaii shipping rates yet?

No One Cares About Your Farm

No One Cares About Your Farm

Buy One Get One Free Sale at Dos Chicos Tees

Our friends over at Dos Chicos Tees has a pretty sweet Valentine’s Day Sale going on right now. For every T-Shirt you buy you get one free – so that means you get to have a funny Dos Chicos tee and so does your sweetheart! The T-Shirts are priced at $17 (not too shabby considering you’ll be getting two tees). The sale runs from this Saturday until Sunday so you better jump on this deal fast if you see a tee (or two) that you like.

My favorites include Add As A Friend and America’s Most Tweeted because I am a Facebook and Twitter addict (duh!). The Meth T-Shirt caught my eye if only because I do research on people who are addicted to methamphetamine (they are an interesting bunch).




I’m Feeling Like World Domination

With the release of Google Buzz, our favorite 4-colored search engine has spoken and they have declared that they want it all. Google has declared that they want to have world domination. Google Buzz looks to destroy both Twitter and Facebook all at once swoop. And with Buzz being built into Gmail and it’s user base of nearly a gazillion people – it has a strong chance of doing just that.

If you feel like showing some Google support and love then check out I’m Feeling Like World Domination in the FAIL Shirt Shop. It comes printed on a white American Apparel tee and is available now for $23.99.

Google World Domination

Google World Domination