I Can Has 101 Funny LOLcat T-Shirts???

As long as there is an Internet there will be dozens of mis-spelled cat memes floating around. Let’s face it, the cat is the official mascot of the Internet. No one or thing is bigger than those furry felines of mischief roaming InternetLAND. Well, maybe Double Rainbow Guy. Don’t be fooled though, everyone in the know acknowledges that Double Rainbow Guy is actually a cat disguised as a human. It’s the same cat that’s behind the Nyan Cat Phenomenon. Trust me.

I’d love to hear which one of these are your favorites and whether or not you own any of these tees! And if you know of a LOL Cat shirt not on this list then please tell me about it. Leave a comment below in the comments section and let me know!

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2. Cat + Pastry = Rainbow by SnorgTees, $19.95.

3. Hipster Kitty by Skreened, $20.49.

4. Follow Chairman MEOW by Cafepress, $24.50.

5. Thunderkittens by SnorgTees, $19.95.

6. Cool Cat by Skreened, $28.

7. Catt Matt Smith posed as Dos Equis Interesting Man by jimiyo (RedBubble), $21.54.

8. I Can Has Awesomes by Crazy Dog T-Shirts, $9.99.

9. Cat Burgers by SplitReason, $19.95.

10. Everyone Wants To Be A Cat by Dan Elijah Fajardo (Threadless), $20.

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FAIL! (Thumbs Down)

Hello, Hello Kiddos! You’re looking at yet another FAILShirt exclusive T-Shirt, it’s called FAIL! (Thumbs Down). You artsy types might recognize that it looks kinda like the “Click To Appreciate It” button the Behance website. Yes, this is a parody of that badge and I think that it works perfectly!

FAIL! (Thumbs Down) is the perfect shirt for that “special” someone in your life. Maybe you know someone that recently experienced a FAIL moment that the both of you can laugh about. This is the shirt for THAT person. FAIL! (Thumbs Down) makes for the perfect gag gift. WARNING: Give this to the wrong person and you might get a punch (or slap) in the face. Buy it, wrap it and have your slab of frozen meet ready.

You can buy FAIL! (Thumbs Down) from the FAILShirt Shop now for just $23.99. You can also pick up the FAIL stripped version, Thumbs Down, featuring just the thumbs down for $23.99.

FAIL! (Thumbs Down)

FAIL! (Thumbs Down)

Behance Thumbs Down Preview

Kevin Smith Kicked Off Southwest Plane for Being Chubby

I’m a bit biased here since I’ve been a huge fan of Kevin Smith since the first time I saw Clerks. Having said that, what the heck, Southwest Airlines? Kicking Silent Bob off a flight because he posed a “safety risk” for being a bit  on the chubby side? Come on – he’s hardly obese and definitely not a safety risk!

In case you’re confused, Smith posted the following on his Twitter account:

“Dear @SouthwestAir – I know I’m fat, but was Captain Leysath really justified in throwing me off a flight for which I was already seated?”

“Dear @SouthwestAir, I flew out in one seat, but right after issuing me a standby ticket, Oakland Southwest attendant Suzanne (wouldn’t give last name) told me Captain Leysath deemed me a “safety risk”. Again: I’m way fat… But I’m not THERE just yet. But if I am, why wait til my bag is up, and I’m seated WITH ARM RESTS DOWN. In front of a packed plane with a bunch of folks who’d already I.d.ed me as “Silent Bob.”

“So, @SouthwestAir, go fuck yourself. I broke no regulation, offered no “safety risk” (what, was I gonna roll on a fellow passenger?). I was wrongly ejected from the flight (even Suzanne eventually agreed). And fuck your apologetic $100 voucher, @SouthwestAir. Thank God I don’t embarrass easily (bless you, JERSEY GIRL training). But I don’t sulk off either: so everyday, some new fuck-you Tweets for @SouthwestAir.”

In the age of social media, pissing someone off with a Twitter following of 1.6 million loyal fans can lead to no good.

And just for you, Mr. Kevin Smith, I have made this shirt. It’s called “As Long As You’re Not Chubby” and is available now for $23.99 at the FAIL Shirt Shop because this was indeed one massive FAIL by Southwest Airlines. Needless to say, I won’t be flying Southwest – ever.

Listen to Kevin’s side of the story on his podcase, SModcast.

UPDATE: The original As Long As You’re Not Chubby shirt was taken down either because Southwest told Skreened to remove it or because Skreened thought it was a little to copyright unfriendly because I had the name of the airline in there. The logo on the tee is not an official logo of Southwest Air so that should not pose a problem. In any case, here’s the update version that is available now for sale:

Southwest Airlines Kevin Smith Chubby

Southwest Air Kevin Smith Chubby

Southwest Airline Kevin Smith Chubby T-Shirt

Southwest Airlines Kevin Smith Chubby T-Shirt

“Hey @SouthwestAir! Look how fat I am on your plane! Quick! Throw me off!”

Kevin Smith Southwest Airlines Chubby

FAIL Shirt

I love writing for this blog and I love discovering new and awesome T-Shirts every damn day. What can I say, T-Shirt art inspires me. However, one of the side effects of being a prolific (yes, prolific) T-Shirt blogger is that in my never ending quest for the world’s most awesome T-Shirt, I occasionally stumble upon its worst.

Enter FAIL Shirt.

FAIL Shirt is my newest blogging venture and to say it started on a whim is a gross understatement. A few weeks ago I registered at Posterous just so I could snag my URL of choice: cotygonzales. And that was that, I didn’t think I’d make much use of this new platform since I am already a WordPress power user (yes, power user) and have grown adept to using the very simple Tumblr (check out Tumblr Trends) on a regular basis.

This all changed last Friday night. You see, for the longest time I’ve been wanting to incorporate a section on this blog that showed off some of the Internet’s worst tees and ones that I encounter in the offline world. The problem was that I didn’t know how to incorporate it into this blog. I didn’t want to clump the awesome stuff with the not-so-awesome stuff. Enter FAIL Shirt (again). That got me thinking about Posterous and how it’s so easy to use with email being the only requirement to use it. In less than 5 minutes, I had the FAIL Shirt blog up and running on Posterous. A few minutes later I snagged matching Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook accounts. And a few minutes later I purchased the domain name.

Now, whenever I see a tee that I consider to be a FAIL Shirt, I simply email the photo as an attachment to the designated email address with a brief description and BAM – it’s on the FAIL Shirt blog, Twitter, Flickr, and anywhere else I want it to post to. Posterous is so easy a caveman could use is it.

So, if you’re a Posterous user I recommend that you check out the new FAIL Shirt Blog over at FAILShirt.org (yes, the .org is in homage to the original and still awesome FAILBlog.org). If you’re not a registered Posterous user that’s OK because you can still view the blog and leave comments by using either your Twitter or Facebook account.

FAIL Shirt is not just about featuring OMG BAD T-Shirts but it’s also about suggesting T-Shirts that are less tacky than the FAIL Shirt as an alternative. OK, sometimes the alternative might be just as tacky but the execution will be much better.

I’ve also set up a FAIL Shop store! At the FAIL Shop you’ll be able to find excellent alternatives to the FAIL Shirts and in some case, exact replicas of the best FAIL Shirts. Feel free to browse the FAIL Shop. I’m using Skreened for the printing service so you can have the designs printed on your choice of T-Shirt and T-Shirt color (they use American Apparel).

And finally, if you’ve come across shirt that you think is worthy of being a FAIL Shirt or spot one in real life (snap a pic!) then please send it to FAILShirt at gmail dot com.

Thanks a million for reading and for supporting this blog! I hope to see some of you over at FAILShirt.org some time soon!

Mother Fucker

I’m not sure what the worst part about this T-Shirt is, the god awful slogan or the fact that you can see the incredibly tacky iron-on. FAILShirt!

Friends Don’t Let Friends Tweet and Drive

This shirt makes me wonder, have there been any reported accidents directly due to someone sending out a tweet? In any case, you should not be sending out tweets while you’re behind the wheel. Neither should you be eating, drinking, doing your nails, brushing your teeth or releasing sexual tension.

You can pick up this shirt from Rizzo Tees for just $15. Buy this shirt and save a life.

Friends Don't Let Friends Tweet & Drive