First You Have To Know

The fine people over at Arteefact has turned a line from one of my favorite movies, Fight Club, into a great type tee. If you haven’t seen Fight Club, and I am serious about this, you must sit yourself down and watch it. Especially if you want to glance at a big cock for a split second. Seriously, a big cock flashes across the screen towards the end. A single frame of unadultered cock. How the heck did I digress into talking about cock? Anyway, here’s are a few lines from the movie to give you some context for the T-Shirt.

Tyler Durden: Fuck damnation, man! Fuck redemption! We are God’s unwanted children? So be it!
Narrator: OK. Give me some water!
Tyler Durden: Listen, you can run water over your hand and make it worse or…look at me… or you can use vinegar and neutralize the burn.
Narrator: Please let me have it… *Please*!
Tyler Durden: First you have to give up, first you have to *know*… not fear… *know*… that someday you’re gonna die.

Death is inevitable. Death is a bummer. And that is why everyone should live to the fullest!

Will Die is available now from Arteefact for $28.30. By the way, Arteefact is based in Greece – how cool is that!

Co-Tee TV Episode 44: Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk and The Cult

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I review the Fight Club Anniversary tee from celebrating the 10 years since the release of the Fight Club movie by David Fincher and starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. The T-Shirt was designed by blog favorite and popular T-Shirt designer, Kevin Tong.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Fight Club Anniversary T-Shirt by Kevin Tong and available at Pros: Great artwork designed by Kevin Tong. The shirt is available in two colorways, cornflower blue and creme.  Cons: The tee design is printed on a Next Level blank, which is a little more fitting and thin compared to an American Apparel tee. And just so you know, I like thin tees (and have a high level  of disdain for thick and heavy ones). Price: $20.

Fight Club Anniversary T-Shirt

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