Hey, I love running outside. I love feeling the natural air blog against my face. BUT, if I had access to an exercise bike like the one below then maybe … nah, I’d still prefer running outside! Regardless, this is the perfect shirt for your favorite fitness geek!

Choppercizer is available now from Glennz tees for $16.95.

Ben Does Life

On December 25th 2008, Ben Davis decided to get his life in order. He was a young guy that weighed 360 pounds. He was obese and miserable. And so Ben decided to make a change. He decided to do life. He decided to do life in a healthy way. He started by doing short jogs, then he did a 5K, then he did a 10K and then he did a sprint triathlon. He didn’t stop there. He kept running and eventually did a full marathon and then he completed an Ironman. Ben has lost 120+ pounds since his journey first started.

Watch the following video and you will be touched. And hopefully, you’ll be inspired to start leaving a healthier life.

To track his progress, Ben started a Tumblr blog to track his journey and weight loss. Since he first started his blog in 2008, he has built up quite a following. In fact, his story was recently featured on the Today Show and subsequently went viral on the Internet. And now, he has a T-Shirt.

“Yes, I decided to make a Do Life T-shirt and I’m really excited with the way they came out. I’ve always loved the idea of “doing life” as a message; a message of not just losing weight or becoming a runner, but becoming a better person in all aspects of life, so I made a shirt to go along with that idea.”

The shirts are priced at $13.50 and are available now at Ben Does Life.

The Definitive Workout Shirt

If ever there was a T-Shirt made for working out, this is it. The shirt was developed as part of a branding effort by Toronto based personal trainer, Roland Semprie. The shirt features sweat markers divided by interval of time from 15 minutes to 60. Creative? Indeed. Unfortunately the shirts do not look like they are for sale, but, if you’re in the Toronto area and is looking to get into shape then maybe check this guy out – he might throw in a free shirt!

Roland Semprie

Via I Believe In Advertising.

Co-Tee TV Episode 25: Meaty Murder, I Am Wellness and Teextile

In this episode I wear Meat Is Murder. Tasty, Tasty, Murder from Threadless and review Make Wellness Not War from I Am Wellness. I also continue my summer long series on ongoing T-Shirt contest sites by reviewing If You Wish Upon A Star sent to me from Teextile. Be sure to use the coupon code SUMMER09 on your next order at I Am Wellness to save 15% off your entire order.

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This week I continue my summer long series on Ongoing T-Shirt Contest Sites. Every week, I will be reviewing a different tee from one of many different online contest sites. I’ll be discussing how each of these sites differ, how the submission and selection process work and what your rights are as a designer. Check out past reviews on: ShirtFight, A Better Tomorrow, Full Metal T-Shirt, tFuse and Design By Humans.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

If You Wish Upon A Star by Tom Neal and available at Teextile. Pros: Love the shirt, great design! Nice gradient effect, most likely achieved through Direct-To-Garment printing. Printed on an American Apparel blank so you know I like the fit and softness of the shirt. Overall, a solid shirt. Cons: Not tagless. Not many extras here, just a solid shirt, I guess that helps to keep the costs down. Price: $12


Make Wellness Not War by I Am Wellness. Pros: Lots of things to love about the package from I Am Wellness. Shirts were individually packaged in plastic to keep out odors and liquids from damaging the shirt. The cut and sew elements, from the custom neck tag to the seam tag on the lowert portion of this shirt was well done, as was the custom hangtag. Included with the Baseball tee (not reviewed here but will be in a future episode) were Bazooka Bubblegum and an Upper Deck baseball card, as well as an I Am Wellness card and sticker. The Make Wellness Not War shirt was printed on an American Apparel Tri-Blend blank, which was super soft, I loved the feel of it and the fit was magnificent. It looks like the I Am Wellness people put a lot of effort and thought into their product and brand. I loved it and I highly recommend I Am Wellness! Cons: What cons? Price: $27.95.

Make Wellness Not War

Meat Is Murder. Tasty, tasty murder. by Stu and available at Threadless. I “got” this shirt but many of my friends did not “get it” (poor souls). And for the record, I am a carnivore and will never, ever, ever, become vegetarian. It’s just not in my DNA. Price: $15.00.

Meat Is Murder

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