The Caperon: A Superhero Cape and Chef Apron Mashup

If it was summer then I would be all over this product. It’s called a Caperon. Yes, Caperon. It’s mashup of a superheroes cape and chef apron. It’s radical and the perfect summer accessory. Unfortunately, there are two problems. First, it’s not summer. Although, one could argue that it’s always summer in Hawaii. Despite this, the rest of the world actually experiences real seasons. Second, the Caperon is no longer for sale from Betabrand. Sad, but true.

I want this. I might have to find someone to sew me a personalized one.

Abe Lincoln and the Intergalactic Civil War

In an alternate universe, Abraham Lincoln would not have been assassinated by John Wilkes Booth while watching Our American Cousin on April 14, 1865 at Ford’s Theater. Then again, if we lived in an alternate universe then maybe Abraham Lincoln could have shot back at Booth with laserbeams coming out of his eye balls while a bear-ish Teddy Roosevelt stomped repeatedly on Booth, making sure that his fur got into the deep crevices of his body.

Lincoln is available now from Jon Wye for $29.

Peace Panda

I love this T-Shirt. I love the design, I love the message and I love how the black and white elements pop on top of the red T-Shirt.

I discovered Peace Panda from Concrete Rocket while checking out recent comments left on my blog. I almost always click out to the commenters website if they link to it and in this case, I clicked out, found this shirt, fell in love and decided to post! This should give you guys some incentive to leave a few comments here and there, especially if you’ve got T-Shirts that need promoting!

Peace is the only battle worth waging. ~Albert Camus

Peace Panda is available now from Concrete Rocket for $21. It is a reprint, so if you like it then be sure to pick it up sooner rather than later. I’m betting that this shirt will sell out quickly.

Peace Panda

Peace Panda

Peace Panda