365 Days of T-Shirts: Day 8 – Mickey Tees

As you may know, I’m on the road and playing tourist in Los Angeles. So, there’s not much I can do “craft” wise for my 365 Days of T-Shirts. But what I can do is get creative. Having said that, today’s Project365 was inspired by the very popular Mr. Tee by Phil Jones. Today’s leg of my trip involved a visit to the happiest place on Earth: Disneyland. This is what I made with the T-Shirts that I had on hand (by the way, those were the three T-Shirts that I wore during the first thee days of my trip). Enjoy!

Day 8: Mickey Made From Tees

Click photo for a closer view!

All artwork belong to their respective owners.

The T-Shirt 365 project is free of charge, meaning, you can use the materials provided here as many times as you would like. However, I do ask that you DO NOT repost the actual project files on other websites. It would be better if you simply linked back to the particular blog post on my website! It’s good karma for you and it’ll make me super happy to see the linkback!

The goal of the project is to have enough material so that I can make a book encompassing the entire project. If all goes as planned, we’ll have something amazing available in 2012!

The Art of T-Shirt Folding Explained!

Here’s a great video that I found on the Emptees forum board (posted by Cole). The YouTube video, titled “How An Engineer Folds A T-Shirt” shows, step-by-step how you can construct your own fancy T-Shirt folder using a ruler, a razor blade, cardboard and some tape. 

Turns out, based on the replies in the video, this is how many of retailers get that perfect fold on the tees that they stock on their shelves. So if you’re interested in making a fancy tee folder then watch on!

And now for those of you who are too lazy (myself included) to make one of those cardboard concoctions then check out the famous “How To Fold A T-Shirt in Two Seconds Japanese Style!” video.

And for the intellectual types, check out this video explaining the “technicals” of the two second fold (who knew?!).