UQ Tee: Do You Want To See The Back of Me?

Bad tempered. Moody. Don’t Admit To Anything. One could argue that I can be all three of those things (sometimes at the same time). Then again, most of the time I’m a pretty fun and easy going guy. And that is basically what UQ Tee is all about, mixing our virtues and vices, our good and bad characteristics. Each tee design features human contradictions printed on the back of the shirt.

The idea of UQ Tee was derived from Hugo Quinta of Lisbon, Portugal. It’s a spin-off from a web project of his called Life Paper.

“This idea is a spin-off of another project of mine, called life paper (available only in Portugal), that consists of surprising someone on one day, by taking him/her to visit places related with his/her life past and present to meet important friends and family in each one of them. Last year I did a postcard campaign to promote this project, focused on bad characteristics from each one of my surprised customers. Some people told me that it would be fun to make a brand of t-shirts based on the same concept, which I did. So here I am.” -Hugo Quinta

The shirts are available in in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. If you love wordplay, then I think that you will dig these T-Shirts. My favorite from the bunch is I’m Moody, which also features the words but sweet scribbled on the other end of an arrow. Love it! My only gripe with these T-Shirts is that they all seem to feature the same front design, featuring the UQ Tee logo and the words Do You Want To See The Back of Me? I think it would be cool if it was just the back main design placed on the front of the T-Shirt.

If you dig these UQ Tees then you can pick them up over at their online shop for €22.00 each.

Co-Tee TV Episode 72: Fantastic Fur Face Boy, Vaughn de Heart and a French Lesson

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear The Fantastic Fur Face Boy and review the Les Gens Courageux by Vaughn de Heart, a brand that was born out of one persons love for fashion and a single random moment.

Fur Face Boy sent me an insane amount of T-Shirts from their Series 3 Line. I will be featuring the shirts throughout Co-Tee TV Episodes 70-79 so definitely keep an eye out for even more Fur Face Boy in the coming weeks! See Episode 70 of Co-Tee TV for the Fur Face Boy full review.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Les Gens Courageux by Vaughn de Heart. Pros: Les Gens Courageux comes packaged in a large custom black Vaughn de Heart plastic bag and is further wrapped in a separate plastic package (great way to protect the T-Shirt during the shipment). This V-Neck shirt is wonderfully soft and is nicely form fitting. I love that the neck hole is not extremely wide and long like many V-Necks that I have experienced in the past, instead it is just right. The single color, black print on the front features excellent typography and the print itself is not too think. Each Vaughn de Heart shirt comes packaged with a Vaughn de Heart drawstring canvas bag for free. This is definitely a nice surprise for anyone that orders from Vaughn de Heart. Also included in the package was a Vaughn de Heart sticker. Cons: I wasn’t the biggest fan of the print on the left sleeve since it was a bit thick. I also thought that the print on the front was enough as is, since the simplicity and message of the front is what makes the shirt a solid pick. Price: $13 but you can save 10% off your order by using the coupon code “COTY” at checkout.





The Fantastic Fur Face Boy by Fur Face Boy. You might have missed Comic-Con 2010 but you can still get in on the comic goodness by purchasing this awesome Fur Face Boy/Fantastic Four mashup tee! The shirt features the classic Fantastic Four typography and is the perfect gift for any Marvel or Fantastic Four super fan that has everything. For more Fur Face Boy goodness, check out Episode 70 of Co-Tee TV. Price: $32.

The Fantastic Fur Face Boy

The Fantastic Fur Face Boy




Fur Face Boy

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Cute microbes on sale

Vaughn de Heart

I’ll start off by saying that these designs from Vaughn de Heart are true T-Shirt finds. I love the simple, yet effective typography of the three designs featured below. The brand was started by Walla Walla University graduate, RoyLyn Le’Vaughan Palmer-Coleman, and is the product of coincidence and possibly fate. You can read more about his story at the Vaughn de Heart blog.

HEART features bold white type on a Royal Blue T-Shirt. If you’ve got heart, this is the T-Shirt to get. The “Heart” in Vaughn de Heart is in reference to the fact that Palmer-Coleman put 100% of his own heart into starting this brand. Les gens courageux is French for “The Fearless Ones.” This shirt reflects the fearlessness that Palmer-Coleman had to have in order to start his own clothing band. He had a lot of fear going into this, but I think he has done an excellent job so far.

The initial collection at Vaughn de Heart features 5 distinct T-Shirts and 1 signature drawstring bag. The T-Shirts are priced from $22 to $24 and feature both crew neck and v-neck tees. Hopefully a hands on review of one of these signature tees will be coming soon!

UPDATE: Use the coupon code “courage” at checkout for an additional 25% off your entire order!


Les gens courageux

Fin The End

Say Hi To Hello

Hello is a collaboration between California based skateboarder Buddy Carr and New York based graphic designer Antonio Carusone.They worked to produce both a Skateboard and matching T-Shirt. I  care about the T-Shirt. I actually love this T-Shirt. I find it awesome that they included the all encompassing Hawaiian word, Aloha. The type is perfect. I ordered the black tee.

Hello. Its such an important word. They say first impressions mean a lot. A smile paired with a friendly hello often makes for a good first impression. You can buy the Hello T-Shirt by Buddy Carr and Antonio Carusone for $22. The deck is available for $160.



Hello Deck