The Fur Face Boy Summer 2010 Series

Our friend Ha Mai of Fur Face Boy just released some teaser photos of his upcoming Summer 2010 Series, and man am I drooling! The summer series, will be released this Saturday in Dallas, Texas at Adikt Footwear. Included in the new line are 4 brand new Fur Face Boy T-Shirts, 1 Tank and special Fur Face Boy x Adikt collaboration tee.

The FFB x Adikt collaboration tee is limited to a print of 36 so be sure to grab yours before they are gone forever (remember, Fur Face Boy rarely, if ever, does reprints). I have to say that I am really digging this collab tee. It’s a solid follow up to the super popular Little FFB shirt that I sported in Episode 71 of Co-Tee TV. I’m just jealous that I won’t be able to head down to Adikt to grab one.

The rest of the summer line includes some 90’s nostalgia, more comic book references and the return of Bearmaibrick!

No word yet on pricing for the new FFB tees, but you can expect it to be at or around the $32 price point of other FFB T-Shirts.

Fur Face Boy X Adikt

Summertime Bearmaibrick

Captain Amerifur

Ice Pop

Fur Face Boy Fresh

Join us this Saturday July 24 for ice cream, hot dogs, beer, and 90′s hip-hop and R&B as we proudly host Fur Face Boy’s Summer release party. We’ll also have a special FFBxAdikt collab tee that we’ll be dropping so don’t miss out! Check out FFB’s website to get a sneak peek of the new releases and be sure to follow him on twitter. The party will kick off at 3pm, make sure to get here early so you won’t miss out on these limited releases!

Fur Face Boy Summer 2010 Series Release Party at Adikt

And finally, here’s a photo of of what some people are willing to do to get their hands on the FFB x Adikt collab tee!

Fur Face Boy x Adikt Summer Collab Tee