Nerd Daddies Unite: It’s The Gameboy Onesie

This is freakin’ cool. If I had a kid he’d be rocking this onesie. It’s a custom made item and in fact only one is available for sale. If you want this then buy this right now. Seriously.

The Nintendo Gameboy Onesie is available now from Etsy seller The Wishing Elephant for $18.

New Fuzzy Ink Tee: Game Over

Fuzzy Ink just unleashed their newest tee and I am super excited! The design is called Game Over and it was created by the ever popular jublin! I am pretty sure that any 80’s kid that grew up basically attached to his Nintendo control pad will love this tee. 

The design is printed on a grass green tee is available now at Fuzzy Ink for the presale price of $16.95. But, you can save yourself 10% off your ENTIRE Fuzzy Ink purchase if you use the coupon code “Hawaii” because I’m your favorite Hawaii tee blogger! OK, I am off to go dust off my old NES and collect some coins Cha-Ching!

Game Over

Game Over