Rising by Yaiagift

Go Ape Shirts lives! This is the first shirt we’ve seen from Go Ape in nearly three months and it’s called Rising and it was designed by the mysteriously named artist, Yaiagift. I have to admit, that for me, it seems like an odd departure from the typical Go Ape look and feel. It’s definitely different but admittedly clings to the fun themes we’re used to from Go Ape Shirts. I’ve been seeing so much neon as of late. Neon is taking over the Internet in 2009.

Rising by Yaiagift is printed on a white American Apparel tee and is available now from Go Ape Shirts for $18. Wear this shirt and spear a dragon. I dare you.

Rising available at Go Ape Shirts

Ape-ocalypse by Leon Ryan

Here’s the newest tee from Go Ape Shirts, it’s called Ape-ocalypse and it was designed by the same fellow who did the Go Ape logo, Leon Ryan. I really dig the throwback design and can actually see it being on a movie poster. Whose idea was it to make apes out to be such bad and destructive animals – I know at least one friend that would argue that snakes are 10x scarier!

The tee is printed on a brown American Apparel tee and is available in both mens and womens sizes for $18.00.