Co-Tee TV Episode 62: Bird Brain, You’re History and Jack The Ripper

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear Bird Brain by Erin Jessica King and review Always In The Shadows designed by Godmachine and is available at You’re History. Established in 2009 You’re History is based out of Great Britain and creates clothing based on historical characters and events that have shaped our history.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Always In The Shadows by You’re History. Pros: Tee came packaged in a black plastic package with a custom You’re History logo sticker affixed. T-Shirts were neatly wrapped in red tissue paper and sealed with a You’re History logo sticker. The T-Shirts themselves are printed on a black American Apparel tee. The tee features a custom necktag (tagless) and features the You’re History logo on the upper portion of the back of the tee as well. The front of the shirt features an amazingly massive print. This is one of the largest prints I’ve seen and it is very impressive. Design was done by popular UK based artist, Godmachine. The print is very nice, colors are vibrant and is quite soft. Cons: I am not the biggest fan of the logo print on the back, but other than that this tee from You’re History is ace. Price: £16.

You're History

You're History

You're History

You're History

Bird Brain by Erin Jessica King. Pros: If you love science, human anatomy, and or physiology than this is the tee for you! Cons: If you’re squeamish then this might not be the tee for you. Then again, it’s just science! Price: $12.

Bird Brain by Erin Jessica King

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Cute microbes on sale

Miles To Go Spring 2010 Line

The brand new Spring 2010 line from site favorite, Miles To Go Clothing, just dropped and it definitely impresses. The new release includes 10 solid products, including a Miles To Go logo jacket, poster prints, reprints and of course new T-Shirt designs. Designers Keaton Henson, Godmachine, Dan Mumford and Dave Quiggle contributed to this most recent release.

The new tees are all printed on American Apparel blanks and are available now from Miles To Go Clothing for $21.99. Below you’ll find a few of my favorite tees from the latest release.



Atlas Shrugged

Master and Margarita

St. Sebastian by {miles to go}

Greg Kerr from {miles to go} clothing has just printed and released his newest tee called St. Sebastian. The artwork of St. Sebastian was done by the designer godmachine and is a play on an egon schiele piece where he paints himself the martyr as Sebastian. The print is humungous (14.5 inch x 20 inches) and is printed on a black American Apparel tee. Only 80 of these boys were printed and each of the tees are hand numbered. You can pick one up from {miles to go} for $22.99, but remember, {miles to go} is part of the Attack of the Coupon Codes so be sure to use the coupon code “friends” to save an additional 20% off!

St. Sebastian by {miles to go}

St. Sebastian by {miles to go}

Indie Tee Spotlight #13: Zombie Liquorice

Welcome to Indie Tee Spotlight #13! This week we feature the newest brand to enter the horror tee genre – Zombie Liquorice! Zombies are very popular these days, in fact, according to PleaseDressMe, Zombies were the number one searched tee type on their tee search engine. People want their zombies – and Zombie Liquorice delivers! 

Brothers Jason and Jeff, founded Zombie Liquorice this past year and opened up shop just a few months ago. They have worked with some great artists, including Dan Mumford and Godmachine. I had the fortunate opportunity to talk with Jason of Zombie Liquorice, he provided some great insight into how Zombie Liquorice came about and who he would like to work with in the future! 

Be sure to check out the Zombie Liquorice Online Store – you can buy all of their tees there! Also, if you decide to purchase be sure to use the code: COTYGONZ

Coty: You and Jeff started Zombie Liquorice just a few months, with the online store opening just this past November. When did you and Jeff decide to start a clothing line and what got the both of you interested in starting a new brand?

Jason: We both really wanted to start our own tshirt company, with designs we couldnt find in stores. It also helps we both hate our day jobs ;) Ill never forget checking out Emptees for the first time and saying wow, this stuff is amazing I really want to wear this. So I called Jeff (my brother) asked him to check it out and he had the same reaction. So at that point we started Zombie Liquorice, dont ask me how we ever came up with that name, I think it was a heavy metal band name generator if you can believe it.

Mat Hatter

Coty: You guys obviously love Zombies, so I guess an appropriate question would be to ask what your Top 5 favorite zombie films are.

Jeff:  1. Shaun of the Dead, 2. Evil Dead (all three), 3. Dawn of the Dead, 4. Night of the Living Dead, 5. Cemetery Man.

Coty: Your initial line of tees feature artwork designed by some of the Internets top indie designers like Godmachine, Corefolio, Survival and most recently Dan Mumford. What has it been like to work with these guys? How did you select the initial group of artists to work with? What other designers would you like to work with in the future?

Jason: These designers have all been great to work with. Everyone has been very professional and its been great to pitch them an idea and watch it come to life! Selecting the artists was very easy for us, we just checked out there online portfolios and if both of our mouths hit the floor we hired them! Right now we would both love to get Chad Lenger to do something for us, his style is out of control. Also Horsebites and maybe in due time Alex Pardee! Those are a few we can think of now, there are many more.

When Scorpions Attack

Coty: You’ve been hitting the Internet hard promoting Zombie Liquorice. What have the two of you been doing offline, if any, to promote your line? What marketing technique has best worked so far for Zombie Liquorice?

Jason: Well Offline promoting is hard when you have a day job, most of our sales have been friends and work mates who have said “where can I get that shirt”, however we are going to start trying to work with concert promoters to sell our gear at metal shows. So far the best marketing has been MySpace by far, we have landed over 75% of our sales from myspace traffic, its been incredible and we have GodMachine to thank for the heads up on that.

Undead Comic Books - Kid in a Candy Store

Coty: You recently announced on the Zombie Liquorice blog that your line is now being carried by the German shop Comet Coma. How did you guys hook up with the Comet Coma guys?

Jason: They actually approached us and asked if we would be interested in dealing with them for distribution in Germany. We decided it was definitly worth it, it was just frustrating at times dealing with German customs, they are very strict we found out when it comes to importing Tshirts of all things.

Coty: You currently have five designs available for sale at Zombie Liquorice. Which of these designs has been your best seller so far? I really dig the Mad Hatter tee, which is your favorite Zombie Liquorice tee?

Jason: So far our best seller is a toss up between Lumber Jacked and Gut Eater, the response to these two has been crazy. As far as favorites go Jeff’s fav is Lumber Jacked my personal fav is the new Scorpion tee

Lumber Jacked

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