Dance Party Massacre Summer 2010 Line

Dance Party Massacre recently released their Summer 2010 line featuring a slew of T-Shirts and tank tops ready made for the summer heat. Alex Dakoulas, founder of Dance Party Massacre, decided to take a more art director approach and invited a few guest designers to collaborate with on the summer line, including Matt Skiff, Joe Kelly, and Mario Jalbert.

The line features the Dance Party Massacre elements that we have come accustomed to, including gore mixed in with a little light fun. You’ll also notice this line in particular features a more retro era feel reminiscent of 50’s black and white movies and biker gangs. Pieces from the new line, including tees, tanks and v-necks, range in price from $19.95 to $23.95 but be sure to use the coupon code “COTYG” at checkout for an additional 10% off your entire order! Go and buy some DPM gear now!

The Dance Party Massacre crew put together a neat little video documenting some behind the scenes action involving the summer 2010 line, specifically the product photoshoot. Take a peek at it below!

Rebel With A Cause

The Horror Club

Knife Fight

Live While You Can

Dance party Massacre Summer 2010 Line

Akumu Ink

If big, bold designs are your thing then definitely do yourself a favor and check out Akumu Ink. They’ve got some awesome designs infused with elements of horror and mystery. Some of the designs are a bit Tim Burton-ish, which I can appreciate considering I am a fan of Burton’s work.

My favorite designs from Akumu Ink have got to be Starved and The Investigation. Starved reminds me a bit of the classic Hitchcock movie from 1963, The Birds. And The Investigation looks like it was inspired a tad bit by the tales of Sherlock Holmes. Both are solid T-Shirt choices.

The shirts shown here are priced at $21.99 and are printed on American Apparel tees. They also have hoodies and v-necks available for sale.

Starved Guys

The Investigation Guys

The Ripper

15% off at Airastile

Airastile (air-a-style) is the creation of Santa Fe, New Mexico based designer and illustrator, David Medrano. If you’re wondering what Airastile means, don’t think too hard because there is no meaning. Medrano didn’t want his brand categorized or defined by a specific genre, instead, he wanted the people that wore the brand to define it – Airastile is what you want it to be.

Airastile currently has 5 tees for sale priced at $20 a piece but you can save 15% and get free shipping by using the code “airastile09″ at checkout.

Fresh To Death



Sponsor A Zombie Program

The Sponsor A Zombie video courtesy of the band Mercury Radio Theater is hilarious! It definitely made my halloween. You’ve got to watch the video, it spoofs those charity infomercials brilliantly. The $20 Sponsor A Zombie care package features a picture and letter from your zombie (how amazing is that), a SPAZ T-Shirt , bumber sticker and a Sponsor The Zombie EP featuring the tracks:

  1. Dejected, Adj.
  2. Are you Adequately Prepared to Rock!
  3. Evil con Carne
  4. The Hypno Eye
  5. Onward Zombie Soldiers
  6. Spare Parts
  7. It came from down south
  8. Joe spilt his beer

Electric Zombie Previews New Line

So unless you made it to the EZ Chat then you won’t be able to find these photos anywhere else. The new Electric Zombie line drops Friday, November 13. What do you guys think of the new line? I’m really digging that new custom polo. So, new tees, new baseball tees, custom polo and custom pants. Lot’s to be excited bout!

UPDATE: All but three have been removed as per Kyle from EZ!

Electric Zombie

Electric Zombie

Electric Zombie