Tiger Turmoil + Free Tees

I’ve been meaning to post this Omunky tee for some time now and I finally remembered to do just that! The shirt is called Tiger Turmoil and it features a rather quirky monkey with a problem. It’s got a little, err, sorta huge mosquito sitting on its nose. I can totally feel that tigers pain since I’m not the biggest mosquito fan. Mosquitos are nasty! Anyhow, checkout Tiger Turmoil at Omunky and pick one up for $22 and remember to use the code “COTY” at checkout to save an additional 15% off your entire purchase.

“The tiger, the largest land carnivore, is a solitary hunter. With its extreme strength and agility, it will often take down its prey with sudden force after emerging from a perfectly concealed hiding spot. The tiger is so strong that it is able to…to.. to…. Oh my! What is that!? Ahhh! Is it moving? Ew! Get it away, get it away! Just swat it off or something! Ugh…. Well I just totally lost my train of thought. Where were we?”

And while I’ve got your attention, be sure to checkout a special sale Omunky is having. Buy Ryan Raccoon today and get Getaway Gorilla for free! Two Omunky tees for the price of one – yay!





Are you an animal lover? If so, then you might fall in love with Zooshirts! As you can tell by these product shots, Zooshirts specializes in wildlife oriented, eco-friendly clothing that supports animal and global conservation. Zooshirts loves animals!

Zooshirts strives to be a green company, because of this, they print all of their designs on 100% organic cotton shirts. They currently have 6 different tees available, albeit in the same style, featuring 6 different animals. You can pick up a shirt today for $18 and a portion of sales from Zooshirts goes to the World Wildlife Fund’s Global Conservation Efforts. So every time you buy a Zooshirt tee, you are helping to preserve our animal kingdom. 

So what do you guys think about Zooshirts? I’m a bit torn – I love the style but kind of wished they had done something different for each of the shirts. I think these would definitely sell if they got zoos across the US and the world to pick these up and sell them in their gift shops. My favorite? Rhino, Rhino, Rhino, Rhino….



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