Ai WeiWei: The Most Dangerous Man In China

Before today, I never knew who Ai WeiWei was. Apparently, he is a threat to the Chinese government. He’s a threat because he is an artist and activist. Ai WeiWei has been very outspoken about the Chinese government. He “declared that China’s government has no humanity — and that the Communist Party is trying to silence anyone who disagrees with it.” He is an interesting character, check out the video below featuring an interview from CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. It’s an eye opener.

Of course, with controversy come interesting T-Shirts. Here are a few Ai WeiWei T-Shirts that I found interesting.

For more information on Ai WeiWei, please visit Free Ai WeiWei. For more politically inspired T-Shirts, please visit BanT-Shirts.

And here’s naked Ai WeiWei just because.


This tee, available at, was the winner of the “design a tee to be used in case of an emergency” competition. This winning tee was designed by the artist known as Gemma, who had this to say about her creation:

“SOS is the most common signal when there is an emergency in order to ask for help. I thought the t-shirt should have this purpose because it can be useful no matter what kind of emergency is happening. We know we’ll be carrying this tee with us at all times in case of a flat tire, fashion emergency, or just in case we need to flag down a taxi in NYC.”

This tee is available for $25 and is printed on an Ash Grey American Apparel tee. 20% of the profits from sales of this tee will go to benefit Architecture for Humanity. 


Jake Nickell From Threadless Headed to White House

Looks like the White House has requested the help of 25 of the countries top young entrepreneurs, and it looks like Jake Nickell, Threadless Co-Founder and Chief Strategic Officer will be there. It’s pretty exciting to know that our current government is tapping resources outside of their comfort zone, unlike previous administrations. Skaw (Nickell’s handle in InternetLAND) posted the following on the popular social networking site, Twitter:

Jake Nickell

Who else might be there? Well, here’s a list of some of InternetLAND’s most successful and youngest entrepreneurs: 

1. Mark Zuckerberg (23) — Facebook — $700 Million
2. Andrew Gower (28) — Runescape — $650 Million
3. Chad Hurley (30) — Youtube — $300 Million
4. Blake Ross and David Hyatt (22) — Mozilla — $120
5. Andrew Michael (29) — Fast Hosts — $110 Million
6. Angelo Sotira (26) — Deviant ART — $75 Million
7. John Vechey (28) — PopCap Games — $60 Million
8. Alexander Levin (23) — Image Shack — $56 Million
9. Jake Nickell (28) — Threadless — $50 Million
10. Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier-Smith (28) — Tagged — $45 Million
11. Sean Belnick (20) — Biz Chair — $42 Million
12. Matt Mullenweg (23) — WordPress — $40 Million
13. Kevin Rose (30) — Digg — $31 Million
14. Aodhan Cullen (24)– Stat Counter — $25 Million
15. Markus Frind (29) — Plenty Of Fish — $23 Million

Well we wait to see the outcome of this meeting, check out this video of MSNBC profiling Threadless.

Rainbows, Sprinklers and Government Conspiracy?

FIrst of all, if the lady narrating this video is not kidding then she must be on crack. A government conspiracy based on rainbows appearing in a stream of water originating from a sprinkler?

In case she happens to stumble upon this post, I thought I’d let her know that rainbows are a result of a combination of naturally occurring phenomena: reflection, refraction and dispersion. Rainbows are an optical illusion that can occur wherever there is water and sun present. Geez, someone missed out on physical science class in the 5th grade. Thanks to @rsalvado12 for sharing this video.