Grab Bag T-Shirts at TeeFury Only $6!

I love whenever TeeFury has Grab Bag sales. They’re super fun. I’ve ordered Grab Bag tees from them in the past and have always been happy with my surprise tees. It’s like buying a blind vinyl (a recent obsession of my roommate) and being uber stoked with whatever is hidden inside. Plus, thegreat thing is that unless you buy tees from TeeFury every day, you’re bound to get something that you don’t already own!

So pick one up, or two, or five. In fact, you can buy up to 12 TeeFury Grab Bag tees! As an added bonus, TeeFury decided to do some unique things with this round of Grab Bags:

  • They’ve made some adjustments so that these Grab Bag orders will ship out quicker than ever
  • Sticker packs will also be on sale today while supplies last for $1 (normally $2)
  • You’ll have the opportunity to buy a limited edition TeeFury logo tee for $5 at checkout

This sale is full of awesome. Get on it!

Pick up a TeeFury Grab Bag tee now for only $6.

Th Fabulous TeeFury Grab Bag + Video Unwrapping

Grab bags are fun but for some, the mystery can be a little nervewracking. So I put the $5 TeeFury grab bag to the test and picked up three Grab Bag tees during their last promotion and did an unwrapping video just for you. Did I like the mystery tees that were sent to me? Watch below to find out and see which tees I got!

If you want to get in on the Grab Bag fun then be sure to check out TeeFury because for the next 24 hours, the  fabulous TeeFury grab bag promotion is back! $5 dollars will score you one random TeeFury tee that you’ll either love or hate, either way, it’s just $5. And if you end up not liking it, hey, we all have friends that love free stuff.

And if you couldn’t tell from the video, I was pretty stoked with my grab bag pickings!

TeeFury Grab Bag

TeeFury Grab Bag

$5 TeeFury Mystery Grab Bag Sale

Our crazy friends over at TeeFury are in a giving mood and for the next 24 hours you can pick up a TeeFury mystery grab bag tee for just 5 buckaroos! Mystery grab bag, you ask? Well, let me explain – you choose your size then pay 5 bucks and TeeFury spins a magic wheel and you randomly get a TeeFury design from amongst the many that they’ve printed (okay, I admit that I am not sure about the spinning of a magic wheel part). This isn’t left overs either, you could potentially receive any design that they’ve ever printed and offered up for sale.

Missed out on a particular shirt that you just had to have but forgot to buy? Pick up a mystery grab bag from TeeFury within the next 24 hours, cross you fingers, and you could just get that shirt!

Click more to see a while bunch of tiny TeeFury designs! So much awesomeness!

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