New Zombie Liquorice Tees

Zombie Liquorice does not discriminate, to them, Halloween is to be celebrated all year long! The gore heavy clothing brand just released four new tees featuring artwork by Aaron Kerr, Joshua Belanger, Mathew Skiff, and Chad Lenjer. And for those of you looking for something to match your holiday wardrobe, might I suggested that Polarized tee? My favorite from the bunch was Red Splatter District because for some reason it looks like something my favorite director would think up.

As with the rest of the Zombie Liquorice line, the shirt are printed on American Apparel blanks. You can pick up one or all four for just $20 a piece but whatever you do, use the coupon code “COTYGONZ” at checkout for an extra 11% off your entire order!


Red Splatter District