Co-Tee TV Episode 50: Loch Ness Monster, Supermandolini and Shooting Target

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I review I Believe In The Loch Ness Monster by EIO Clothing (Excess Is OK) and Shooting Target by Supermandolini. Based in Thessaloniki, Greece, Supermandolini is run by graphic designers Emanuel Lakoutsis and Ellie Kakoulidou who design and produce every product and aspect of Supermandolini.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Shooting Target by Supermandolini. Pros: Supermandolini sent me three matching Shooting Target pieces from the boutique: a graphic shirt, pendant, and poster print. First, all of the items work well together and are very cohesive. The tee is perfect for any guy and the pendant will look good on any girl. The shirt is printed on an American Apparel blank so the fit is great and the shirt is comfortably soft. The three color print on the tee extends to the bottom hem, a difficult technique to pull off . The design is very detail oriented – you’ll have people walking up to you just to read the text. Excellent packaging. The Shooting Target poster is hand numbered and limited to 100 pieces. Cons: I love the brand and the Shooting Target themed items, but they might just be a little too pricey for some. Price: €30 ($42 US)

Shooting Target

I Believe In The Loch Ness Monster by EIO Clothing. Pros: The first thing  you’ll notice when you touch and put on a tee from EIO Clothing is how soft it is. EIO Clothing has some of the most amazingly soft tees that I’ve ever reviewed, they just feel so great. Shirt is made from 100% esmeril cotton that is produced in Portugal and handprinted in the UK. Great type shirt, especially since I am infatuated by the Loch Ness Monster. If you know someone who enjoys myths and legends then they would probably appreciate this tee. Shirt features a custom embroidered tag on the lower left hem and a screen printed neck label. Cons: Neckline is a bit thin compared to traditionally cut shirts. Some of you might not like the raw edged sleeves. Pricey. Price: £24.95 ($39 US).

I Believe In The Loch Ness Monster

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Cute microbes on sale

410BC Fall 2009 Collection

410BC is back with their Fall 2009 Collection and it’s their most impressive to date. It seems that with each release 410BC shows growth and maturity. You can definitely see how far they’ve come since Skate Wolf! This new line is probably the darkest collection yet, albeit in a very subtle way. A lot of anatomy references, which I don’t mind at all.

Along with the traditional tees they’ve got a varsity jacket, button-up dress shirt and a cardigan to compliment the collection. The release date for the Fall 2009 410BC Collection is set for August 7th.





5 Awesome T-Shirt Flickr Groups

I’ve been a Flickr user for a while now, but in no means would I consider myself a Flickr poweruser. However, I’ve been exploring Flickr a bit more as of late and found that they’ve got lots of awesome T-Shirt related groups that you can join. Thanks to bigguybigcity better known as tee blogger hideyourarms, designer Olly Moss and the T-critic blogger Karl Long, I found these groups while scouring their profiles!

Oh and before I forget – you can add me on Flickr too!

Here are 5 of my favorites (so far): 

1. T-Shirts. 10,709 Tees. This group is lied by Little Dragon and seems to be the group with the most tees added amongst this lot. Another plus with this group is its active discussion area – lots of talk going on there compared to the other groups. Here’s the group description:

Tees – hell… shirts, sweaters, hoodies – nowadays have crazy, witty and overall funny sayings, sayings and icons, pictures and colours. Post pictures of people in funny and/or odd t-shirts here.

T-Shirts Flickr Group

2. Funny T-Shirts. 500 Tees. This is the site specifically for funny tees, in fact, according to admin TheNakedPhotographer “Your shit better be funny or worth being in here or I will delete it, add shit shirts here twice and I will ban you!” Whenever you see a funny tee, snap a pic of it and upload it to the Funny T-Shirts group.

Funny T-Shirts

3. T-Shirt Revolution. 8,964 Tees. This is the group that’s all about printing and making your own tee designs. If you made the tee, post it here! They also have active discussions on transferring designs to blank tees and on blank tee types in general. If you’re a do-it-yourself-er than be sure to add this group and start contributing! The group admin is Stephane Vendran. 

T-Shirt Revolution

4. Fresh Tees. 3,787 Tees. This is the official addic[tee]d Flickr group run by Mr. Fresh. addic[tee]d is a tee blog that is based in Athens, Greece. The addic[tee]d tee blog has been around since 2005. This group does not allow “plain text” tees so be careful not to add those.

Fresh Tees

5. I Love T-Shirts. 2,136 Tees. This is a Brazilian group run by Aline Szucs. Although not in English, they do have a ton of fun tees in this group. Definitely worth checking out. And if you understand Portuguese then here’s the group description:

Camisetas são ítens básicos e indispensáveis no guarda-roupa que vão conosco a qualquer lugar! Trocas, dicas, dúvidas, são os objetivos deste grupo! Trocas: peço a todos que organizarem ou participarem, manter sempre o respeito uns para com os outros, pois este tipo de interação tem como objetivo descontarir e não “estressar”, ok? Fotos: somente de camisetas, blusinhas e afins!!! Estão proibidos: xingamentos, ofensas, material inadequado e tudo que possa prejudicar o grupo. Abs!

I Love T-Shirts