Arquebus Clothing: Don’t Give Up The Ship

The guys over at Arquebus Clothing recently got a hold of me to let me know of their latest release: Don’t Give Up The Ship. Upon first inspection, I was really drawn to the large type and styling of the new tee. In fact, I actually took the next step of exploring what the rest of their T-Shirt designs looked liked. Lo and behold, the rest of the line was awesome. The line sort of reminded me a bit of 410BC crossed with Random Objects – and that’s a good thing because both are brands that I love. My favorite from the bunch is the wonderful An Idea is Salvation by Imagination design. I really dig the colorway of this particular shirt as well as the quote by renown architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Did you know that I have a framed photo of Fallingwater hanging in my room? Yup.

The Arquebus Clothing designs featured below as well as a bunch of other awesome tees can be found at the Arquebus Clothing online shop and are priced at $20 a piece.

Co-Tee TV Episode 43: A Whole Lotta 410BC

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I review The Battle of 410BC from non other than 410BC! We take a close look at not only the shirt but the ornate packaging and the included goodies! And be sure to take advantage of the huge 50% off Black Friday Sale going on all week long. Use the coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY” to save some cash!

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Coty’s Thoughts:

The Battle of 410BC by 410BC. Pros: Unbelievable packaging, shirt comes in a custom 410BC printed cardboard box and wrapped in plastic packaging. Included in the box are a bunch of goodies, including: monster trading cards and a sack filled with gems. The shirt itself features a custom neck tag featuring the 410BC logo. The shirt feels comfortable, fits good and features a nice soft print. Cons: This shirt definitely fits differently from the original Skate Wolf shirt that I reviewed from 410BC a while back – I think they’ve improved the quality a lot since then. My main criticism with the Skate Wolf shirt was the fit of the neck area, I thought it was a bit too tight. The perfect fit on The Battle of 410BC fixes those problems for me. Price: $12.


410BC Black Friday Sale

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Cute microbes on sale

Of Rome $10 Sale

I know there are a gazillion T-Shirt sales going on right now but I thought that this one was worth mentioning. For one week only you can score all tees at Of Rome for just $10. There are currently three tees available in select sizes. They also have a $7 black I Am Of Rome canvas belt for sale – great way to keep your pants up for cheap!

Of Rome

Of Rome

Of Rome

410BC Releases New Line + $10 Sale

You might know that I am a huge fan of the guys and girls over at 410BC, I really dig what they have been doing the past couple of months. And they’ve been pumping out some amazing tees at an astounding rate! Didn’t they just release a collection of tees a month or so ago?! Either way, I’m not complaining! Definitely another amazing collection of tees from our friends at 410BC. The new tees are available now for $20-$25 but remember that you can save 15% off your next 410BC order with the coupon code “coty” at checkout!

“Nice work! Very unique, classic, memorable style.” – Johnny Cupcakes

And if the new line weren’t enough, 410BC is having a huge $10 sale on their older stuff at their Big Cartel Store so be sure to go pick up a tee from them now – it’s the perfect time!




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410BC Releases New Line

410BC just unveiled their newest line of tees and I think this bunch is a great collection and probably the most cohesive collection they’ve put out to date. With the exception of corporate vultures (the one with the big head) and cerberus (the one with the rats), the tees in the new line work really well together and actually compliment each other quite well. They’ve got a certain greek methology theme going they really focused on for this line and I think it goes hand in hand with their brand name. 

The new tees are available now and can be had for $25 but remember you can save 20% off your next 410BC order by using the coupon code “coty” at checkout.

For an interview with the 410BC crew be sure to checkout Indie Tee Spotlight #19 and for a review of an older 410BC watch Co-Tee TV Episode 2. 




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