Simple Guide to Making T-shirts Last Longer

This is a guest post by Kathryn Vercillo, the blogger for Edgi Clothing which makes cute tees for men and women.

Simple Guide to Making T-shirts Last Longer

There are probably two things that nearly everyone wants in their t-shirts: cool designs and good prices. Unfortunately, these things don’t always go hand-in-hand. Some of the tees with the best designs can cost a pretty penny. However, if you can make the t-shirt last longer then you can get more wear for your money. Believe it or not, giving your t-shirts a long life doesn’t require much effort on your part at all.

Ignore the Laundry

The more often that you wash your clothes, the quicker they’re going to fade or get worn out. By simply wearing your t-shirts two or three times before you bother to wash them, you more than double the life of many tees.

Basic Washing Rules

Eventually, of course, you’re going to have to wash your tees. Following a few basic rules will help them to last longer. First, turn them inside out before washing. Second, use cold water (you can soak the tee in warm water first if it’s particularly dirty). Third, use natural detergents and keep the amount to a minimum; excess soap causes clothing of all kinds to deteriorate more quickly. Finally, hang tees or lay them flat to dry; skipping the dryer saves the t-shirt over time.

Stop Tugging on your Tee

We always think of t-shirts as items that we can be rough with. We yank them over our heads without a second thought. However, the more that you tug on your tees, the more likely it is that you’ll wear them out. Be gentler with them as you take them on and off and they’ll last longer. Also, make sure that they fit right and are made of a comfy material because then you’ll avoid unnecessarily tugging on them throughout the day.

Keep a Big Tee Collection

Here’s your excuse to buy more great t-shirts. Give your tees a little bit of breathing time in between each wear and you’ll find that they last longer. The more tees you have, the easier it is to rotate through them so you’re not wearing any one tee too often.

Extend Its Life with Alterations

Finally, don’t just give up on tees once you’re done wearing them as T-shirts. Recycle them into new shirts, other clothing and household items to get even more wear out of them. And guys – donate a few of your big tees to your girlfriend to sleep in; she’ll appreciate it!

Photo above by Flickr user ktsadowski.

Love Awareness 10-Point Program by Fuct

Fuct just released photos of their Spring 2009 line and one tee in particular stood out for me. The Love Awareness 10-Point Program is an amazing tee because of the list of 10 things on the back. They are only preview images and so I can’t make out the entire list, but the ones that I was able to read  I did agree with. A nice way to make a political statement and the perfect tee to wear to your next political science, philosophy or ethics class. 

In case you’re not familiar with Fuct, it was started by Erik Brunetti in 1991, a graffiti artist based out of Venice. Many consider Erik to be the father of subversive streetwear, “a style of designing stemming from the Situationist movement – which involves subtly changing,re-appropriating or subverting various pop culture themes and icons,as well as anti-government and anti-religion campaigns. Brunetti took the transformative ideals of the Situationists of the 60’s and applied those aesthetics to the society of today.” Very cool stuff.

Love Awareness 10-Point Program by Fuct

Love Awareness 10-Point Program by Fuct

Spring 2009 Line by Fuct