Instagram T-Shirt Spotting #4: Love Is Happy and Unhappy

This is Instagram T-Shirt Spotting. I use Instagram a lot. A LOT. This makes sense since I’m pretty much glued to my iPhone and I love to snap photos. One of the great things about Instagram are the awesome random photos that I stumble upon. Occasionally I spot an awesome T-Shirt on Instagram like Love Is Happy and Unhappy from @nooneknowsmyname on Instagram. I love the words on the T-Shirt.

*I made this name up. Like many of the T-Shirts posted on Instagram, there is no mention of the brand name or T-Shirt design name.

Yellow Must Be a Color of Hope, Future and Happiness

Rieko from R/15 clothing sent me an email asking me to post a link to her shop. I get that a lot, but, when I checked out R/15 one shirt in particular caught my eye. And although the T-Shirt design is great, the T-Shirt’s product description is awesome. It reads:

“Have you ever felt happy with an omelet your mom made? Have you ever picked a dandelion on the street? Have you ever smiled at a little chick? Yellow must be a color of hope, future and happiness. If you try to accept a little more, you’ll be able to see and feel something new.”

Dope words.

Did You Find It is available now from R/15 for $20.