Goodie Two Sleeves: 3 Day 33% Off Sale

Hey guys, our friends over at Goodie Two Sleeves is having a pretty rad sale. For the next 2 days (sorry, I posted a day late) you can score 33% 0ff your entire purchase just by using the coupon code THREESACOMPANY at checkout. Why the big sale? Well, Goodie Two Sleeves recently landed 3 awesome new licences to produce shirts featuring Hasbro (Monopoly, Mr. Potato Head, G.I. Joe, Scrabble, etc), Felix the Cat and GM (Corvette, Chevrolet, Impala, etc) merchandise. Now go buy stuff!

Alien Operation – Don’t Get Zapped!

I used to LOVE playing Operation as a kid! An uncle of mine had a vintage set, probably from the late 60’s, that I used to love to play with. I wonder if he still has it? Whenever I played, I would concentrate super hard and was very careful in the hopes of not getting zapped! Well, it wasn’t a real zap, but it made this horrifying zapping sound. That counts, right?

Never played the game before? Well then you’re missing out. Go buy it now.

Speaking of the classic Hasbro boardgame, 604Republic has released an awesome Operation / Alien mashup tee. God, I would hate to have a little baby alien brewing in me. Someone did that dude on the operation table a huge favor.

Alien Operation is available now from 604Republic for $20.95.