Glorious Nonsensities 2×02: Failed Launch, 410BC and Skate Wolf

In this episode I wear Failed Launch by Manos Lakoutsis and review a tee sent to me by 410BC. The 410BC tee is called Skate Wolf and is a parody of the Michael J. Fox 1980’s classic,Teen Wolf. Sorry about the knocking midway though – I didn’t even notice it while recording, yikes! Enjoy with tea and a comfy tee!


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Coty’s Thoughts:

Skate Wolf by 410BC. Good: Fancy custom packaging, did a good job of sewing on the custom hang tag, very soft and comfy tee, very complex print, lots of colors. Bad: A bit tight around the neck. Price: Currently Not Available for Purchase. 

Skate Wolf by 410BC

Failed Launch by Manos Lakoutsis. This week’s starter shirt is available for purchase from Threadless. I love the huge print!

Failed Launch by Manos Lakoutsis

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