Mr. Tee + I Pity The Font

This shirt received a lot of hype a few weeks back and was well received on a bunch of T-Shirt and non T-Shirt blogs. If you can’t already tell, the shirt is made up of, well, more shirts. The design is simply a bunch of T-Shirts strategically arranged in the form of Mr. T’s head, hence the name, Mr. Tee. Creative? Very. Clever? Absolutely.

Mr. Tee is printed on a light blue Fine Jersey tee and is available now for $20 at Threadless.

Mr. Tee Threadless Phil Jones

Mr. Tee

If you dug Mr. Tee by Phil Jones and you’re in the voting spirit then be sure to check out this new A-Team inspired design by Bunny Dojo that is up for voting at Threadless. The design is aptly titled I Pity The Font.

“If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them. Envisioned with shimmer for the gold elements.”

I Pity The Font

I Pity The Font - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

A Year Of Tees

A Year of Tees is a new web project which promises to deliver a new T-Shirt every day for an entire year. The original plan was to do one shirt a week for an entire week but the site owner decided to attempt the one-a-day model for 2010. In many ways, it’s just like what Chow Hon Lam did with his Flying Mouse 365 Project. My question is, what happens at the end of 2010? Is this just a one year thing?

Every day during 2010 a new t-shirt will be added to the site. Each t-shirt is an original one colour design printed on either a black or a white American Apparel t-shirt and will be available for both guys and girls. All the t-shirts are printed on ethically made, environmentally friendly 100% cotton tshirts. There might be the odd one-off colour design or colour t-shirt thrown in to the mix on special occasions.

The designs so far look a bit lacklusters, I always expect new brands to come out with a big bang whenever unveiling a new line. The first crop of shirts from A Year of Tees seem a bit flat for me. Nothing really screams “AWESOME” just yet but I can’t wait to see what they have lined up for the rest of the year. The shirts are priced at $19.99 a piece and are printed on American Apparel blanks.

A Year of Tees

A Year of Tees