Pineapple of My Eye

Forever Gold Clothing LOVES pineapples. And so do I. They’re sweet and they’re awesome. They’re a bitch to get out of the ground, but it’s all worth it when you cut through the thick outer skin exposing the deep yellow inner fruit and take that first bite. That first bite is always the most juicy bite. I’m salivating just thinking about eating a pineapple. Wait, I live in Hawaii. There are pineapple fields spread throughout the island. And, oh yeah, I actually have one sitting in my kitchen. Right on.

Pineapple of My Eye is the latest shirt from Forever Gold Clothing and is a homage to those Valentines Day greeting cards that used to receive as kids. I loved those! I wasn’t a big fan of those candy hearts in a box though. Bleh!

Pineapple of My Eye is available now from Forever Gold Clothing for $25.

Zombie Need Love Too

Ah, good ol’ Valentine’s Day. I’m not at all religious, but, a few of my Facebook acquaintances are. One of them posted this interesting story: “One story of St. Valentine was that he was a priest or bishop who was arrested during the reign of Claudius II for marrying people, the sacrament of marriage. Claudius liked him until Valentine tried to convert the Emperor and in turn the priest was beheaded. Perhaps the true message have been diluted throughout the centuries? From sacrifice and martyrdom to chocolate and indulgence.”

Interesting, no? We went from a beheading to chocolates and roses. How romantic. Of course, there’s nothing more romantic than zombies, and our friends at Goodie Two Sleeves know that! They recently released a slew of zombified T-Shirts for the hopeless romantic. My favorite is definitely the Zombies Love Nerds design, I just wish there was a little splatter of blood.

Zombies Love Nerds is available now from Goodie Two Sleeves for $21.95.

And if you’re in the mood for a couple more tees to celebrate this heart attack of a holiday, check out this great curated list of Valentine’s Day themed tees from our friend, Macho Slut, over at Found Item Clothing.

A Fur Face Boy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and that means you need to hurry up and get something special for the love of your life. A good place to start would be the Fur Face Boy online shop because for a limited time you can snag the limited edition FFB Valentine’s Day tee. This black and white tee with red accent is limited to a print run of 25 and chances are that they will all be gone within the week. So that means you better get on this better quick. The faster you are, the more likely you are to impress.

FFB Valentines Day is available now from Fur Face Boy for $29.

Get Some Valentine’s Day Love from Lil’ LoveDriven

I featured Lil’ loveDriven a few weeks ago because their pair driven T-Shirt design, Two Peas In A Pod. That particular T-Shirt combo caught my fancy, and was simply too damn cute! Given that Lil’ LoveDriven is in the business of making tees for both the romantics and hopeful romantics amongst us, it’s no surprise that they’ve got a special line of tees celebrating the day of love making – Valentine’s Day! You can even score the tees in some pretty snazzy packaging. No doubt that your loved one might be sick of chocolate, so why not get him/her some Lil’ LoveDriven instead? Valentines Day packages are available for an extra $9.99 or $5.99 charge and you need to order by February 7, 2011 to ensure delivery by Valentine’s Day.

I also love posting photos of brick and mortars and little pop up shops, so I was pretty stoked to hear that Lil’ LoveDriven has taken things to the next level by opening up a little Lil’ LoveDriven kiosk at a local mall. Check out the photos to see their setup! Thanks Gerald for sending over the photos!

Rare Johnny Cupcakes Discount Code

If you’re a Johnny Cupcakes fan then you know that it isn’t too often that they offer discount codes. Well, from now until Monday, November 29, 2010, you can score 15% off your entire Johnny Cupcakes order. How sweet is that? Pretty darn sweet. Plus, Johnny Cupcakes just added a bunch of new T-Shirts and other goodies, so be sure to take a peek at all the new stuff.

Tilteed’s Massive $10 Holiday Sale

OMG. Tilteed is having a mega huge $10 Holiday Sale and I think you should take advantage of it. Yeah, yeah, those other guys are also having a $10 sale … BUT, why not be original this holiday season and go with Tilteed! The sale will last for 3 days only so you better start filling your shopping carts now with Tilteed goodies! And even better, you can take advantage of extra savings by ¬†using the coupon code “TILTCOTY” at checkout (I think you get either $2 off shipping or 10% off your order). Deals, Deals, Deals. I love deals! Go pick up some $10 Tilteed tees now!

Sketchy Santa

This post has absolutely nothing to with T-Shirts. So, after lunch today me and a colleague, Mr. Andy Dewald, discovered a wonderful site, Inspired by the awesomeness of we decided to do a tribute video. The background music is sung by an unknown singer and was given to us by our former (bless his heart) advisor, Dr. Ed Chronicle.

Screw The Holidays

This tee from Print Liberation is the perfect compliment to the Scrooge in you. With Christmas approaching, those of us without an unlimited cash flow are probably feeling the pinch. With the endless number of Christmas parties and gift exchanges, it’s no wonder that Print Liberation made this shirt. Wear this tee to your next Christmas party and let everyone know exactly just how you really feel.

Screw The Holidays

Johnny Cupcakes 20% Off Sale + New Gear

So first of all, I hope that EVERYONE had an awesome Thanksgiving! Black Friday might just about be over but that doesn’t mean that the sales are ending. In fact, Johnny Cupcakes is having an extended sale up until the end of Cyber Monday! Score 20% off your entire order at Johnny Cupcakes by using the coupon code “holiday” at checkout. This is a pretty rare Johnny Cupcakes discount so I suggest that if you’ve been eyeing an item out that you buy it NOW!

While you’re there, be sure to checkout some of his new gear! I hear that New Era caps are all the rage with the kids nowadays and Johnny Cupcakes has his own 59FIFTY in brown and black colorways. I never understood the appeal of leaving the stickers on these caps but hey, that’s just me.

Johnny Cupcakes