Human Centipede Ouroboros Fleece Hat

I don’t really need to say much about this particular item. I’ll let the photos and product description do the talking.

And if you haven’t seen Human Centipede or Human Centipede 2 then count yourself lucky. If you feel the urge, you can always pick up a copy from Amazon.

For those with a twisted sense of humor (or are just twisted), it’s a Human Centipede Fleece Hat (with earflaps!). Although, since this is an unbroken chain of Human Centipede…technically it’s a Human Centipede Ouroboros…for that extra touch of “OMGZ WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!?!”

The hat is made of plush soft fleece with just enough stretch to fit snuggly on your head to keep the winter winds out (and your sick brain warm…heh). Hat is machine washable.

The hat base is available in additional colors, just make a note of the color you would like, when ordering. The human centipede is available in flesh (as shown) or white. The GI tract is in red ric rac, but can be made in custom colors upon request.

The human Centipede Ouroboros Fleece Hat is available now from The Little Asian Sweat Shop for $55. She also has a really cool The Little Asian Sweat Shop blog which you should checkout!

Dance Party Massacre Posters

Looking to dress up your wall with some fresh new artwork? If so, check out the latest release from our friends at Dance Party Massacre. They’ve just released silkscreened versions of some of their best-selling designs. They are silkscreened on 100lb, acid-free, archival paper. They’re perfect for framing in your office, man den, or new dorm room. The posters are available now from the Dance Party Massacre online shop and they range in price from $9.95 to $16.95.

Co-Tee TV Episode 76: Electric Oceans D&A, Akumu Ink and Bats

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear the Trident Logo Tee from Electric Oceans and review Starved by Akumu Ink, a brand that was started in 2008 and is based in Canada. The Akumu Ink team consists of Joey the illustrator/designer and printer, and Dora who takes care of customer service and all the business side of things. If you love horror with a nightmarish twist, in the style of Alfred Hitchcock and Tim Burton, then Akumu Ink is definitely worth checking out.

Fur Face Boy sent me an insane amount of T-Shirts from their Series 3 Line. I will be featuring the shirts throughout Co-Tee TV Episodes 70-79 so definitely keep an eye out for even more Fur Face Boy in the coming weeks! See Episode 70 of Co-Tee TV for the Fur Face Boy full review.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Starved by Akumu Ink. Pros: The included cardboard was a nice touch to keep the packagage flat and rigid. The custom Akumu Ink was the neatest tag I’ve ever seen! It was fully customized to look like a morgue tag and even featured my name (as the name of the deceased) and had my place and reason of death (which incidentally was starvation, which is also the name of the T-Shirt). They did an excellent job at extending their theme to their custom hang tag. I absolutely love the design, it is very much reminiscent of vintage Hitchcockian imagery. All T-Shirts are printed in house by Akumu Ink co-founder, Joey. The print itself is soft to the touch and very comfortable when worn, despite being a very large print (it doesn’t weight the T-Shirt down one bit). Cons: My only criticism is that I wish that they would have removed the original neck tag, especially since they sewed in their own custom neck tag. Other than that minor detail, I love the T-Shirt! Price: $21.99.

“The name Akumu is Japanese for Nightmare. We love taking the concept of creating hand drawn images based on our nightmares. As the brand has grown over the last few years our artistic style has evolved into this nightmarish scratch board look. Past designs can be found in our RIP section.”








Trident by Electric Oceans D&A. Pros: I love that Electric Oceans made the effort to package the T-Shirt in a separate plastic bag from the plain manilla opener – it helps to guard against mishaps during shipment. Trident is also tagless and instead features a screen printed neck label instead, which is always nice. The T-Shirt itself is nice and soft, though it is on the shorter end when compared to your typical American Apparel blank. The ink print is slightly on the heavier end, but because it’s text you can’t really tell. Excellent price point. Cons: The T-Shirt packaging is a little bit of a miss for me. The shirt itself is individually packaged in its own plastic bag to protect it during shipment but the outer mailer is just a simple document type manila envelope. If you’ve got a sexy tee then you’ve got to be sure that the packaging is somewhat sexy as well. The included business cards seem a little generic, they don’t include the Electric Oceans logo and the graphic doesn’t seem to reflect the brand. Price: $12.



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Cute microbes on sale

Dance Party Massacre Summer 2010 Line

Dance Party Massacre recently released their Summer 2010 line featuring a slew of T-Shirts and tank tops ready made for the summer heat. Alex Dakoulas, founder of Dance Party Massacre, decided to take a more art director approach and invited a few guest designers to collaborate with on the summer line, including Matt Skiff, Joe Kelly, and Mario Jalbert.

The line features the Dance Party Massacre elements that we have come accustomed to, including gore mixed in with a little light fun. You’ll also notice this line in particular features a more retro era feel reminiscent of 50’s black and white movies and biker gangs. Pieces from the new line, including tees, tanks and v-necks, range in price from $19.95 to $23.95 but be sure to use the coupon code “COTYG” at checkout for an additional 10% off your entire order! Go and buy some DPM gear now!

The Dance Party Massacre crew put together a neat little video documenting some behind the scenes action involving the summer 2010 line, specifically the product photoshoot. Take a peek at it below!

Rebel With A Cause

The Horror Club

Knife Fight

Live While You Can

Dance party Massacre Summer 2010 Line

Introducing Mumford Clothing

We’ve featured a lot of designs from Dan Mumford here on the blog in the past, so it is no surprise that he just opened his very own, self-branded shop. If you’re a regular reader than you probably recognize Mumford’s style as he has designed for the likes of Zombie Liquorice, Electric Zombie and Miles To Go Clothing.

There are currently 8 tees available for sale at Mumford Clothing, as well as a poster featuring all of the inaugural Mumford Clothing designs. All of the designs are classic Mumford, they feature intricate designs using bold oranges, reds and blues, on a black T-Shirt. No mention of the type of T-Shirt blanks used, except that they are 100% cotton and slim fitting. Based on the previews, you can see that the shirts feature custom hang tags as well a custom Dan Mumford tag on the lower left seam of the shirt. The shirts are priced at $18 a piece and are available now at Mumford Clothing.

Mumford Clothing

Mumford Clothing

Mumford Clothing

Mumford Clothing

Akumu Ink

If big, bold designs are your thing then definitely do yourself a favor and check out Akumu Ink. They’ve got some awesome designs infused with elements of horror and mystery. Some of the designs are a bit Tim Burton-ish, which I can appreciate considering I am a fan of Burton’s work.

My favorite designs from Akumu Ink have got to be Starved and The Investigation. Starved reminds me a bit of the classic Hitchcock movie from 1963, The Birds. And The Investigation looks like it was inspired a tad bit by the tales of Sherlock Holmes. Both are solid T-Shirt choices.

The shirts shown here are priced at $21.99 and are printed on American Apparel tees. They also have hoodies and v-necks available for sale.

Starved Guys

The Investigation Guys

The Ripper

Johnny Cupcakes Totes + Freddy Krueger

Our favorite cupcake hustler, Johnny Cupcakes, has just released a some new goods and they’re available now in his online shop. First up are some new Johnny Cupcakes branded totes. The tote designs include the popular Make Cupcakes Not War moniker, the fat kid and a classic crossbones design. The totes are priced at $19.99 a piece.

Make Cupcakes Not War

Johnny Cupcakes Crossbones

Johnny Cupcakes Fat Kid

Johnny has also released two new tees, both of which are in commemoration of the recent A Nightmare On Elm Street remake. Freddy is back and Mr. Cupcakes is excited! Both shirts are available now for $35.99 at Johnny Cupcakes. I should mention that growing up I was horrified of Freddy Krueger. Horrified. I remember catching it on TV when I was maybe 6 or 7 and being totally horrified. Needless to say, this theatrical reboot is on my must watch list!

Johnny Cupcakes X Freddy Krueger

Johnny Cupcakes X Freddy Krueger

By the way, the Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour is still on the road, so if you want to catch him before he heads back home to Boston then be sure to check out the tour page on his website!

New Zombie Liquorice Tees

Zombie Liquorice does not discriminate, to them, Halloween is to be celebrated all year long! The gore heavy clothing brand just released four new tees featuring artwork by Aaron Kerr, Joshua Belanger, Mathew Skiff, and Chad Lenjer. And for those of you looking for something to match your holiday wardrobe, might I suggested that Polarized tee? My favorite from the bunch was Red Splatter District because for some reason it looks like something my favorite director would think up.

As with the rest of the Zombie Liquorice line, the shirt are printed on American Apparel blanks. You can pick up one or all four for just $20 a piece but whatever you do, use the coupon code “COTYGONZ” at checkout for an extra 11% off your entire order!


Red Splatter District



Sponsor A Zombie Program

The Sponsor A Zombie video courtesy of the band Mercury Radio Theater is hilarious! It definitely made my halloween. You’ve got to watch the video, it spoofs those charity infomercials brilliantly. The $20 Sponsor A Zombie care package features a picture and letter from your zombie (how amazing is that), a SPAZ T-Shirt , bumber sticker and a Sponsor The Zombie EP featuring the tracks:

  1. Dejected, Adj.
  2. Are you Adequately Prepared to Rock!
  3. Evil con Carne
  4. The Hypno Eye
  5. Onward Zombie Soldiers
  6. Spare Parts
  7. It came from down south
  8. Joe spilt his beer

Electric Zombie Previews New Line

So unless you made it to the EZ Chat then you won’t be able to find these photos anywhere else. The new Electric Zombie line drops Friday, November 13. What do you guys think of the new line? I’m really digging that new custom polo. So, new tees, new baseball tees, custom polo and custom pants. Lot’s to be excited bout!

UPDATE: All but three have been removed as per Kyle from EZ!

Electric Zombie

Electric Zombie

Electric Zombie