A Beard Measuring Shirt

When I first spotted this T-Shirt I broke down laughing at its brilliance! It’s pure awesome. Designed by The Beardly, this beard measuring T-Shirt does exactly as advertised. It provides acceptable discriptors based on beard length. The discriptors vary from Manly to Civil War Generaly to Wizardly to Beardly. It’s so simple and so smart and the perfect companion to any beard heavy manly MAN.

The Beard Measuring T-Shirt is available now for $23.99.

Arquebus Clothing: Don’t Give Up The Ship

The guys over at Arquebus Clothing recently got a hold of me to let me know of their latest release: Don’t Give Up The Ship. Upon first inspection, I was really drawn to the large type and styling of the new tee. In fact, I actually took the next step of exploring what the rest of their T-Shirt designs looked liked. Lo and behold, the rest of the line was awesome. The line sort of reminded me a bit of 410BC crossed with Random Objects – and that’s a good thing because both are brands that I love. My favorite from the bunch is the wonderful An Idea is Salvation by Imagination design. I really dig the colorway of this particular shirt as well as the quote by renown architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Did you know that I have a framed photo of Fallingwater hanging in my room? Yup.

The Arquebus Clothing designs featured below as well as a bunch of other awesome tees can be found at the Arquebus Clothing online shop and are priced at $20 a piece.

Classified: Human

Some of you might remember the Human Ingredients shirt that I posted a few weeks ago. Remember I complained about it being a bit messy looking? Well, it turns out that someone had previously done a similar shirt and guess what – it looks much nicer and a ton neater! Here is RedBubble arttist, animo’s take on the Human Ingredients shirt:



And while I was perusing her store I noticed a couple of other tees that caught my eye, including Classified: Human. This shirt is so uber geeky cool, I love it! I would have definitely put it on my 101 Science T-Shirts list if I had seen it before!

Classified: Human

Evasion by Oiseau

The latest tee from out friends over at Tilteed is … a bit scary! I’m sure it’s one of those tees with deep meaning, but man, does it freak me out! I mean, that head looks almost corpse like. If I were still taking Anatomy, I’d wear this shirt to class every day. Okay, maybe not everyday but a lot. This shirt seems almost Hitchcockian in theme and style. I can feel the tension, dark undertones and identity issues often seen in those classic Hitchcock films just by looking at this tee.

Evasion is available now from Tilteed and is printed on a silver American Apparel tee. It’s available for $12 but you can save $2 by using the coupon code “TILTCOTY” at checkout!

Evasion available at Tilteed