Scott Pilgrim Custom Printing Press at Comic-Con 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is billed as being “an epic of epic epicness” and I believe that to be the truth. I’m excited for this film, not only because the comic was awesome but because Michael Cera is the perfect actor to play Scott Pilgrim. It seems as if Cera’s found a little niche for himself in Hollywood playing adolescents with issues. Needless to say, Cera is the perfect Pilgrim.

With Scott Pilgrim vs. the World set to premier on August 13, it is no surprise that they have invaded Comic-Con 2010. And what better way to promote the movie than to give away free Scott Pilgrim T-Shirt. And what’s even better than that? Setting up custom printing presses so that fans can come up, choose their T-Shirt color and then screen print their favorite Scott Pilgrim design. Very cool, highly interactive and definitely memorable!

From the looks of the images, there were five different, single color prints that you could choose from. Take a look below at all of the action that you probably missed out on! Jealous much?

All photos belong to their respective owners.

Photos below taken by RattMice. Please visit his Flickr Photostream.

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim

Photos below taken by GingerAlchemy. Please visit his Flickr Photostream.

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim

Diary of a T-Shirt Intern: House of the Surprising Sun

Diary of a T-Shirt Intern is a weekly column written by Bo, a T-Shirt blogger at Loving This Tee who is also affectionately known in the tee community as dunz0. Bo will be tracking her experiences as an intern at Tilteed and sharing her thoughts on the strange land that is Portland, Oregon!

Last week, I got to prepare a piece for printing. This time, it was an intricate 5-color illustration by B7 (Ben Foot) called “House of the Surprising Sun.” Although this was rather challenging design to work with, I learned quite a bit from my trials and tribulations.

First, I had to expose all the screens. Sometimes I wonder if the intense UV light that seeps through is killing my eyes, since I’m short and the exposure unit is near eye level.

When all of these screens were ready, it was time to head to the printing press. The first thing that I had to do was to tape up all corners of each screen, so that I wouldn’t be getting any ink into the crevices. Right off the bat, I was having trouble. How hard can taping up screens be? Very! There’s so much adjusting required, especially if you’re no pro like myself. I kept putting tape down, and having to take it off, only to do it all over again many times. I think I’ve finally figured out a technique to speed up the process and minimize the messing up, but it definitely took a while to get to where I am now.

Tilteed Bo Taping

When I had managed to finish taping everything, it was time to line up the screens. I am quite sure that I spent hours doing this. It’s much harder to get every screen perfectly lined up than I had expected. What you have to do is to print the first color, then line up the next screen with that first color, and so on and so forth. At times when I thought that everything was perfectly aligned for one screen, I’d go to tighten up the knobs and the screen would shift by a bit. Talk about frustrating!

Tilteed Surprising Line Up

Unfortunately, something ended up happening that made one of the most important screens unusable. The artwork seemed to be stretched lengthwise by about a millimeter, so it couldn’t line up with the rest of the screens. There was no way to fix this but to completely wash out that screen and expose a new one. It may not sound like a big deal, but that was hours lost right there!

Tilteed Ink on Screen

Alas, everything worked out in the end. I was completely pooped but it was well worth it! Here’s a look at the test run of the print:

Tilteed Test Print

Oh, and as promised, there are dinosaurs! I apologize for the horrible picture quality, but this as good as my phone can do.


This picture was taken at a restaurant called Laughing Planet. They have super tasty burritos and delicious smoothies. What makes them really cool is that they have random dinosaur figures on their tables. I even spotted a Pachycephalosaurus on our table, which made me super happy. I did a group project on pachycephalosaurs for my dinosaur class in college. Yeah, I’m a nerd. There’s no use in denying it.

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Until next time!


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Screen Printing Photo Tutorial by ApachCreation and Grafitee

Here’s a great tutorial that I stumbled upon on the French tee blog, Grafitee. The tutorial was done by French artist, Apach from ApachCreation. You can go here to see the original blog post, but be forewarned, it’s in French. If you don’t understand French then I’ve translated the original post (or Google did) here for the English speaking tee fans. Lot’s of pictures, so brace yourself – it’s cool stuff! *Everything in quotes was written by ApachCreation for Grafitee and was translated to English (don’t blame me if the translation is incorrect, blame Google!). Thanks to ApachCreation for such a great set of photos. 

“Here is a tutorial that will explain how to make a t-shirt silkscreened by hand. I did not have the equipment to carry out a t-shirt so I called Apach, a passionate screenprinter who is fairly well equipped.”

T-Shirt Tutorial by ApachCreation and Grafitee

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