Fresh Kaufee: Shirts That Really Smell Like Coffee

I’m telling you, there’s a lot of indie goodness brewing in Dallas. From the awesome Fur Face Boy to the up-and-coming Sleepy Dan Clothing, Dallas is experiencing an indie apparel uprising of sorts. Another addition to the fold is Fresh Kaufee. Founder Joonbug McIntosh first caught my eye on Twitter, when he posted about Episode 88 of Co-Tee TV. You might remember that in that episode I talked about Javaboi Industries. Javaboi is a brand whose central theme is coffee. The T-Shirts come packed in little coffee bags, however, in Episode 88, I talked about how it would be great if, when opening the packaging, the T-Shirts actually smelled like coffee beans. I thought it was a great idea. And it looks it was, since Fresh Kaufee is already doing this! Awesome. Rad!

So, two brands based on coffee. If this were Iron Chef, which brand do I think reigns supreme? Hands down, I would go with Fresh Kaufee. For me, the Fresh Kaufee designs are much more wearable. I also love the Fresh Kaufee Java Joe logo and their other logo and insignia tees. They’re real fun with a streetwear vibe. Fresh Kaufee has also got some insanely detailed designs that are very Wotto-like, check out Ghost Roast when you get the chance. I’d love to get my hands on some Fresh Kaufee tees to actually how the two brands compare in terms of T-Shirt build, printing quality, and packaging [UPDATE: I got a hold of some Fresh Kaufee packaging, and they look dope 0 love it! It’s like you’re receiving a fresh bag of gourmet coffee beans. See below for shots of the Fresh Kaufee packaging]. But so far, I’m really digging the Fresh Kaufee designs – AND they smell like coffee!

Fresh Kaufee tees are available for sale at the Fresh Kaufee online shop and are priced from $13-$24.99.

Co-Tee TV Episode 88: Moustardche, Javaboi Industries, and Hot Dogs

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear Moustardche! by Marcel Jimenez and review a Tea is Just Coffee’s Gay Cousin and Nerds Rock from Javaboi Industries. Javaboi Industries is a coffee themed novelty brand built from the ground up.

[Note: This episode was shot a few months back, but never found its way to the blog. It’s here now, so please, enjoy!]

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Tea is Just Coffee’s Gay Cousin and Nerds Rock by Javaboi Industries. Pros: I love great packaging and so great packaging will score you killer points from me. I do have to say that I really dig the packaging used by Javaboi Industries. The coffee bag packaging is very theme based which is awesome. Before I mention the actual T-Shirt, I have to say that I also dig the Javaboi logo, it’s cute! The T-Shirts actually have a really good build quality. Both T-Shirts feature a custom neck tag and a custom patch on the back which is very nice. Nerds Rock was my favorite T-Shirt of the bunch. It features a modified logo of only the Javaboi character.  Both T-Shirts have a nice soft feel and feature fairly large prints. A lot of the other T-Shirts in the Javaboi line feature pop references and also come sized for both men and women, which is always nice.

Idea: Imagine if when opening up the coffee bag packaging and pulling out your T-shirt,  you could actually smell coffee beans. That would be kinda neat. Drop a few coffee beans in with the T-Shirt?

Cons: Not really feeling the not-so-positive vibe of the Tea is Just Coffee’s Gay Cousin T-Shirt. First off, I’m not a fan of the design or typography. The pink plaid on brown is a bit icky. And the gay reference? I’m not too sure what’s so “gay” about tea and why they had to use the word gay. The T-Shirt is just a little mean. Also, I simply don’t believe the statement to be true since I love both coffee AND tea. Finally, the last thing that you want to do as a brand (unless it’s your theme, i.e. T-Shirt Hell) is to offend potential customers. In their defense, this T-Shirt is no longer available for sale and is not found anywhere on their website.

Price: $25.

Moustardche! by Marcelo Jimenez for Threadless. Pros: Simply put, Moustardche is a super fun T-Shirt! Any hotdog fan or lover of sausages will adore this T-Shirt.

Price: $10.

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