Jobs > Gates

Steve Jobs > Bill Gates. Steve Jobs is greater than Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. UNDRCRWN got it right with this shirt. I absolutely love it. I adore it. I admire it. It speaks the truth. And as a longtime Apple nut I can believe that. As a MacAddict that stood by Apple even when Steve wasn’t arount, I can believe that. As a MacHead that cheered when Steve Jobs returned as iCEO and proceeded to resuscitate a near bankrupt company, I can believe that.

Steve Jobs created and innovated. Steve Jobs conceptualized products that changed the world. Steve Jobs redefined multiple industries. Bill Gates simply made sloppy copies.

UNDRCRWN1 got it right. Jobs > Gates is available now from UNDRCRWN for $28.

1. Jobs > Gates is actually a part of UNDRCRWN’s Greater Than Series. They also have a Jay > Wayne T-Shirt, which is awesome, and then I saw this. Disappointed!

Empire State of Mind

I have to say that I am really enjoying the latest offering from Mr. Hip Hop himself, Jay-Z. This Adapt tee from Karmaloop features the namesake of his latest single, Empire State of Mind. This song has been seeing heavy rotation on US radio stations. But if I am being honest, my favorite track off of the new album (The blueprint 3) is a remake of Alphaville’s “Forever Young” featuring Mr. Hudson.

Empire State of MInd

And you’ve got to see this video of Jigga and Alicia Keys singing Empire State of Mind during Game 2 of the 2009 World Series.