The First Day Of My Life by Bright Eyes

The following video comes courtesy of a tweet made by T-Shirt printing extraordinaire, Jimmy Heartcore. The song is called The First Day of My Life and it is performed by the band Bright Eyes and it’s from their 2005 album, I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning. I absolutely love the song and I think that the simplicity of the video captures the complexity of living life to the fullest perfectly. Definitely enjoy this music video with tea and a comfy tee!

If you enjoyed this song I highly recommend that you check out Conor Oberst’s solo album, it’s genius (and I think I’ve featured him on this blog once before). Below you’ll find a pair of tees from Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band (Conor is the lead singer of Bright eyes) that I found in his Big Cartel store. 

Mystic Valley Band

Green Spaceship

New Seibei Spring 2009 Line Released

Finally! David from Seibei has been teasing us with hints of the new release on Twitter since last week and he has finally unleashed them to the world! And since I’m probably the only blogger awake at the moment I’ll be the first to blog about it (advantage Hawaii!). 

The Seibei Spring 2009 Collection does not disappoint. I love it! I love em’ all! And I have to say, Seibei did an excellent job with the product shots – they are splendid. I had to chop them off a bit for the post so be sure to check out the Seibei shop for the full size images. 

Taco Dinosaur is an excellent follow up to Sandwich Dinosaur! What spinoff can we expect next? Cookie Dinosaur? La Moutant Rouge has the recognition of 1. being the lone text only tee in the Seibei shop and 2. having the most awesomest name in the world. And of course, I’ll Never Stop Pooping, designed by Jimmy Heartcore, is disgustingly delicious! 

The tees range in price from $21 to $22. Pick up one of these tees today and save some cash cash cash! Use the coupon code “COTY” for 10% off your entire order at Seibei!


Taco Dino

La Mutant Rouge

I'll Never Stop Pooping

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Glorious Nonsensities Episode 7: Emptees Zombies, ReThink Clothing and Otters

In this episode I wear the Emptees 1 Year Anniversary Tee designed by the Emptees forum members and review a shirt that was sent to me by Andy Meyer of Rethink Clothing, a brand whose designs are exclusively designed by college students. Be sure to use the coupon code COTY for 20% off your next ReThink Clothing purchase. As always, enjoy with tea and a comfy tee! 

You can also watch this episode on Viddler, Vimeo, or on

Coty’s Thoughts:

Otter-Tude  by Rethink Clothing. Good: The print is HUGE, badass design, the ink used is super soft, printed on American Apparel so you know what to expect in terms of fit, supports college designers, bouncy balls accompanied the tee, an overall great shirt. Bad: Traditional tag instead of a screen printed tag. Price: $19.99 but you can save 20% with the coupon code “COTY”.

Otter-Tude by ReThink Clothing

Emptees 1 Year Anniversary Zombie Tee by Emptees Members. This tee is available in VERY limited quantities – only one girls small tee is available for purchase at the Emptees shop. If you fit a ladies small then be sure to get this tee now before it’s gone forever. Price: $20.00.

Emptees 1 Year Anniversary Zombies Tee

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Prestigious Releases Late Winter Line

A couple of weeks ago we featured William Matte, Jr. of Prestigious Clothing. At that time he was preparing for the release of his late winter line of tees. Well, he has finally unleashed the hotness and you can now check out the latest three Prestigious designs!

Th new tees sport some crazy colors and intense designs, all of which were created and printed by indie tee printer Jimmy Heartcore. My favorite from the bunch would have to be Love Breeds Hot Deeds, but the other two are just as solid. Pretty Ghost, another new designs, ended up not being so new after all, it has been the background image of Prestigious’ site for a while now. So if you dug that creepy girl, you can now wear her! 

The new tees are priced at $20, are printed on American Apparel and for extra comfyness have a printed inner tag. William has also made a bundle available, so you can buy all three tees at once for a significant discount of $52.00 (and you can save more with the code below). Planning to pick up one of these tees? Awesome, I’ve got an Attack of the Coupon Code just for you, save 10% on your order with the code “prestigious”. 

Talons That Spark

Pretty Ghost

Loves Breeds Hot Deeds

Color Separations Tutorial by Jimmy Heartcore

Here’s a great little video tutorial on how to prep your images for screen printing – the essential art of color separation. And of course, whenever a video is narrated by Jimmy Heartcore, you know that it’ll be good! For those of you unfamiliar with Jimmy, he is one of the premier indie tee screen printers, and he also runs his own clothing brand on the side – Heartcore Clothing.

Spot Color Separations In Photoshop from Jimmy Heartcore on Vimeo.

Glorious Nonsensities 2×01: Jon Wye, Belts and Monkeys!

I’ve been getting some great items in the mail for me to review, and have been for the past few months. I enjoy all the stuff I’ve been receiving and really appreciate it! Anyhow, I thought I would bring back the video reviews that I started last August and then abandoned after just three episodes. I decided to give the video thing another go, this time with me being a little less eccentric, going without the Twitter nonsense in the middle and much much more information about the product and brand.

I’m going to be keep these in “beta” for the first four episodes (yes, I’ve pre-recorded four of these) so they’re pretty raw. We’ll see how the first four episodes of season 2 (and I use that term lightly since there wasn’t much of a season 1, LOL) go and if you guys like them then I’ll keep going with them. So, let me know what you liked and what you didn’t like. 

In this episode I wear Monkeys! by Christian San Jose, available at Hippie Fruit, and review a belt sent to me by belt and shirt designer, Jon Wye. To get a close up view of the belt check out this 3D preview by Jon. Enjoy with tea and a comfy tee!

You can also watch this episode on Viddler, Vimeo, or on

Coty’s Thoughts:

Monkeys. Good: great fit, huge print, print by Jimmy Heartcore, cheap  and sweatshop free. Bad: Some moms might cringe when seeing this tee. Price: $11.

Monkeys by Christian San Jose

Homemaker Belt by Jon Wye. Good: genuine leather, custom made in the USA, very detailed print, colors are very vibrant, print on front and back, tiny signature on buckle (nice touch), nice keychain adds a nice touch, everything hand made by Jon Wye. Bad: Nothing really, might be a bit flashy for some but he also sells blank black belts and other designer belts. Price: $65.

Homemaker by Jon Wye

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Bear Brains Presale!

Kanye West fan? I have the perfect t-shirt for you. This tee designed by Killer Napkins and printed by Emptees regular jimmyheartcore is currently on presale from the I Came From Nothing online store. The aptly named Bear Brains tee is a 6 color print that will be printed on American Apparel tees and offered in 3 different colors (Black, Blue, Magenta). 

Head on over to I Came From Nothing and get your pre-order in now!