Introducing The Johnny Cupcakes Artist Series

Johnny Cupcakes just unleashed to the world his new Artist Series line of T-Shirts. The first two tees, features designs from artist Danny Jones / YASLY, who is known for cultivating old world techniques into tangible expressions of thought.

The shirts features abstract art on the front with the designer signature on the back. I have to admit that I am impressed by the first two designs in this new line. I am also curious to see who else will be contributing to the new Artist Line.

The T-Shirts are generously priced at $39.99 a piece. Here’s a thought, I’d be interested to see an all Johnny designed line. I understand the most if not all of the designs come from Johnny’s imagination but back in the day when he was just starting out he would do all the drawings as well. Nowadays, I believe that he passes on his mental doodles to artists who then transform his idea into a tangible image. What if Johnny went back to his roots and designed his T-Shirt all by his lonesome self, without the help of a seasoned artist. It would be the grassroots Johnny line. Hmmm….something to ponder.

Johnny Cupcakes Artist Series

Johnny Cupcakes Artist Series

Johnny Cupcakes 20% Off Sale + New Gear

So first of all, I hope that EVERYONE had an awesome Thanksgiving! Black Friday might just about be over but that doesn’t mean that the sales are ending. In fact, Johnny Cupcakes is having an extended sale up until the end of Cyber Monday! Score 20% off your entire order at Johnny Cupcakes by using the coupon code “holiday” at checkout. This is a pretty rare Johnny Cupcakes discount so I suggest that if you’ve been eyeing an item out that you buy it NOW!

While you’re there, be sure to checkout some of his new gear! I hear that New Era caps are all the rage with the kids nowadays and Johnny Cupcakes has his own 59FIFTY in brown and black colorways. I never understood the appeal of leaving the stickers on these caps but hey, that’s just me.

Johnny Cupcakes





Johnny Cupcakes + Looney Tunes

Ever since I started to follow the indie T-Shirt scene with a keen eye, I’ve been a big fan of the Johnny Cupcakes brand. I even made it a point to visit his shop on Newbury street the last time I was in Boston. Up to this point I’ve always been impressed by his creativity and imagination, as well as the way that he has interacted with his community.

Having said that, the latest collaboration, one with animation pioneers, Warner Bros., just doesn’t do it for me. When I think Johnny Cupcakes I think exclusivity. Everything about the brand is exclusive. They’ve made a ton of money by parodying pop culture. And now that they’ve got an actual pop culture icon on the front of the tees, it makes feel more “meh” than “woah.” For some reason, seeing Bugs Bunny on a Johnny Cupcakes shirt reminds of similar Looney Tunes shirts I’d see in Sears or JC Penny, with the exception of there being a Johnny Cupcakes logo slapped on. Again, more “meh” than “woah.”

Johnny, before you could ever dream of landing big licenses like that from Warner Bros., you were already making the freshest shirts around. Warner Bros might need you, but your brand certainly does not need them. You mentioned, “We did have an entire bound book given to us that was filled with rules and regulations. A what-not-to-do book. From the littlest details like whisker placements. All in all, using the tools that were + weren’t given to us, I think these came out great.” I disagree, I don’t like these for the very fact that you played by the rules. What I would have dug would have been a unique take at these classic WB characters. Sorry Johnny, I just feel like you failed to deliver on this one.

Bugs Bunny

Bug Bunny

Daffy Duck


Yosemite Sam

Johnny Cupcakes Presents: THE GOONIES!


Growing up, Goonies was one of my absolute favorite movies, alongside other 80’s classics like The Karate Kid and Princess Bride. I have to say that Mr. Cupcakes and myself have very similar tastes in movies. Every single one of these screenings he has done (TMNT, Back To The Future, Karate Kid) have been of movies I grew up watching. 

For you lucky bastards in the Boston area, you can check out The Johnny Cupcakes screening of The Goonies on Saturday July 18th at 11:55pm (midnight) at The Coolidge Corner Theatre on 290 Harvard Street – Brookline, MA. If I could be there, trust me, I’d be there! The limited edition Goonies inspired Johnny Cupcakes tee will be on sale at the screening. No word yet on when you’ll be able to pick up the shirt online!

Johnny Cupcakes Presents The Goonies

Johnny Cupcakes Presents The Goonies

Johnny Cupcakes Has Blue Balls All Weekend Long

Planning to pick up some Johnny Cupcake tees? Well, you might as well stop by the shop on Newbury St. in Boston this weekend because for every $10 you spend you’ll receive a blue ball. Spend $20 and you get 2 balls. Spend $40 and you get 4 balls. You get the idea. What will you do with those balls you ask? You get to play beer pong Johnny Cupcakes style, with cupcake tins! Get two balls into the cupcake tin and you win a free Johnny Cupcakes shirt. Pretty awesome! This promotion runs all day this Saturday + Sunday (July 11th + 12th 2009).

Optimus Cupcake by Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes undoubtedly creates some of the best parody tees around. This Transformers inspired tee is no different. I love everything about the design but I especially dig the bright yellow! I typically prefer the simple Johnny Cupcake logo tees over the illustrated parodies, but, I could definitely see myself in this shirt.

Optimus Cupcake by Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes TMNT Pizza Party

As a kid, I must have seen the original live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flick a gazillion times. I remember how excited I was when I went to go and see it in the theaters, it was a blast! You can now relive those memories this weekend if you live in the Boston area. Johnny Cupcakes will yet again be hosting another movie night at the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline / Boston. Here’s the info you need:

“Join me THIS Saturday June 13th at 11:55pm (midnight) to see TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES on the big screen for $7.75 @ The Coolidge Corner Theatre on 290 Harvard Street – Brookline, MA. Along with your movie ticket, you will be given FREE Upper Crust Pizza upon entering the Theatre. We even got a hold of the original movie reel from back in the day!”

Will you be attending?

Johnny Cupcakes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Johnny Cupcakes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Power Mitt by Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes continues to pump out new products for the summer. Here are a couple of his latest, including his latest tee, Power Mitts! How many of you remember Nintendo’s Power Glove from the late 80’s? If you do then Power Mitt from Johnny Cupcakes is the tee for you! The shirt sells for $35.99 and is available now for purchase. Check out the video below for an old school Power Glove commercial. 

Power Mitt

Mr. Cupcakes also released a pair of crossbones printed shorts ($64.99) and rolling pin board shorts ($59.99). I dig the casual crossbones shorts but am not sure if I would trust those board shorts. I have had bad experiences with boardshorts not coming from a brand that specializes in water sports. Quiksilver is my brand of choice when it comes to board shorts because of their durability and selection of wacky and fun designs. 

Crossbones Camo Shorts

Crossbones Camo Shorts

Rolling Pin Board Shorts

Oodles of New Johnny Cupcakes Gear

Johnny Cupcakes released some solid new tees (should we expect less?) as well as a few surprise items this past week, including a new polo top and stud earrings. I really need to get my hands on that silver and white crossbones tee. My other favorite from the new releases is the Bake on the First Date tee – love it!

Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes Demands Apology From Sorority

According to the Daily Orange, T-Shirt entrepreneur Johnny Cupcakes marched up to the Gamma Delta sorority house after one of his signature Johnny Cupcakes lectures at Syracuse University. During the lecture, he had shown examples of designs that had been ripped off by other companies, including Billabong. Apparently, Johnny Earle, the real man behind the Johnny Cipcakes brand, was upset because this particular sorority had used the Johnny Cupcakes skull and bones logo, without permission, on a sorority T-Shirt last year. 

And so Earle and company (a bunch of students) marched up to the sorority house door and demanded an apology. Story goes on to say that Earle got his apology and even an offer for dinner, which he said no to.

“I walked up their stairs and knocked on the door a bunch of times. I was in a good mood, so I told them I’d like an apology. They thought I was pulling out a weapon when I reached for my camera bag. I got many sincere apologies and they offered to cook food for me, as well as raise money for a charity of my choice. I have a list of things they gave to me, that they offered to do to remedy the situation. I told them to never ever wear those t-shirts in public(I might have them send the shirts my way) – and I explained to them that what they did was illegal and looked down upon. I’m sure the higher-ups at Delta Gamma would be disappointed with what this sorority/chapter did. Passing down the positive Delta Gamma legacy is hard to do when one of their chapters is doing something illegal, which is being written about in the school + local newspapers. I now know who they are and where they live. If I decide to take further legal action I just might, but for now we are at peace and they responded immediately in a possitive manner. Thank you everyone for backing me up, literally. That was quite a fun and epic night.” -Johnny Cupcakes

Syracuse Delta Gamma

Syracuse Gamma Delta