Glorious Nonsensities 2×03: Paisley Paramecium, My Liver Hates Me and Jon Kruse

In this episode I wear Paisley Paramecium by Julian Glander and review a tee that I purchased from My Liver Hates Me. The My Liver Hates Me tee is, easy enough, called My Liver Hates Me. That’s right, an online store dedicated to a single tee. Now that is dedication! This tee was designed by Jon Kruse and so I also talk a little bit about some of the services that Jon offers. Remember that you can get 15% off this tee with the code “coty”.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

My Liver Hates Me designed by Jon Kruse. Good: Love the design, simple and straightforward, great conversation piece or as a gift for friends that like to drink. Bad: Tee is kinda baggy for a mens Large, arm holes are a little on the wide side. Price: $14.00 but get 15% off with the coupon code “coty”.  

My Liver Hates Me

Paisley Paramecium by Julian Glander. This week’s starter shirt is, unfortunately, no longer available from Threadless, but you can request a reprint of it. I’m a science freak so I love this tee!

Paisley Paramecium by Julian Glander

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My Liver Hates Me

I think I’ve found a new favorite tee and it’s called My Liver Hates Me! The tee, designed by Jon Kruse of Mediocore Clothing, was purchased by Jeff Wolff (better known as pzn in the Emptees forum) and is being sold at none other than! 

Interestingly enough, Jeff set up a Big Cartel store specifically designed for this tee and even purchased a URL to match the tee! I highly doubt that he’ll be starting a line of liver inspired tees (though anything is possible), so kudos to him for going all out on this one!

My Liver Hates Me is currently on sale for the paltry price of $14.00 and if use the codes WOOT, emptees or 15OFF you can get 15% of the already cheap sale price and it will bring the cost down to $11.90. 

Big Cartel CSS customization

Jon Kruse from Mediocre Clothing has started what will hopefully be a series of posts on how to customize shops on Big Cartel. It’s definitely a quality read and helpful if you plan on tweaking your Big Cartel store. Check it out here!