Thirsty For Blood, Hungry For Tacos (The Remix)

There has been some magical things that have been happening over at Seibei over the last couple of weeks, namely super limited edition T-Shirt that are available at a presale price for only a week (sometimes, the shirts move into the Seibei catalog after the presale, other times they will be retired forever). This week, Seibei brings back a classic in two new colorways. Thirsty For Blood, Hungry For Tacos has always been one of my favorite Seibei tees, and it is often the one that garners the most eyeballs (followed mostly by a quick smirk and smile). You know when people are reading your T-Shirt, and whenever I wear this tee, I notice a lot of people reading my chest.

The most popular colorway will move permanently move into the main Seibei catalog, while the other colorway will be retired. So if you like them both, you better be sure to get them both! The presale price is set at $18.

Freshly Squeezed Orange

I like oranges. I’m not the biggest orange fan in the world, but I do like them. I prefer my oranges to be warm whenever I have to peel them myself. If they’ve already been peeled and are in wedge form, then I prefer them cold. All told, I’m an apple guy.

Fresh Orange is a great T-Shirt that I discovered over at Defunkt, a UK based T-Shirt company. The shirt is the second in a series that were made in collaboration with Ryan Chapman, a graphic designer from the UK. According to the product page, “Ryan has a thing for old fruit stickers and Defunkt has a thing for anything old, so this adaptation made perfect sense.”

The included stickers rock. And I especially love that Dole and Del Monte are included in the sticker pack. Did you know that the Dole Pineapple Plantation as well as the Del Monte Plantation is located right here in sunny Hawaii. We might not be able to grow oranges, but our pineapple are pretty rad.

Fresh Orange is available now at Defunkt Shirt Company for $29.99.

Fresh Orange



Defunkt T-Shirt Company