Lowdtown Friends & Freaks: MOOKS!

I covered Lowdtown Friends & Freaks recently in Co-Tee TV Episode  17, BUT, I just had to mention these Mooks that were designed by Lowdtown Friends & Freaks founder, Ray Masaki. Ray designed every aspect of these Mooks from the mold to the final packaging. Very neat! He also posted a couple of blogs showing the step by step process involved in making these cute Lowdtown characters (see blog posts here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). 

The Mooks are available for purchase in limited quantities. Only 6 of each of the white and black Mooks were made. They are available now for $25 but you can save 10% by using the coupon code “coty” at checkout. 

Lowdtown Friends & Freaks Mooks

Lowdtown Friends & Freaks Mooks

If you enjoyed these Mooks then you might like this tee from Lowdtwon Friends & Freaks. It’s the Lowdtown logo tee and it features the Mouthcan (the same one that graces the Mook packaging). It’s a one color designed printed on an American Apparel tee and is available now for $21.99. And if you watched Episode 17 then you already know the Ray pumps out quality tees that are tagless and have embroidered seam tags – awesome! And remember, save 10% by using the coupon code “coty”. 

Lowdtown Logo Tee

PleaseDressMe TV Launched

Last September I reviewed the then new site, PleaseDressMe so I was automatically interested when I found out on Twitter that the first episode of their new online show was was available. I just wrapped up watching the first episode of PleaseDressMe TV, the show hosted by the Vaynerchuk Brothers, Gary and AJ. I have to say that I did enjoy the first episode, aptly titled as a “beta” by Gary. The show reminded me a lot of the formula used for Wine Library TV. It was shot Gary’s office, which is a familiar setting if you watch the other video’s that Gary posts on his personal site. 

Much like WLTV, PleaseDressMe TV discuses and rates a bunch t-shirts on a 100-point scale. They rated a total of 7 shirts, each coming from a different vendor/brand (i.e. Threadless, Design by Humans). They rate these items based on different factors that are very subjective like design, feel, comfort and color. So it’s interesting to see how they will rate simple t-shirts vs. more complex t-shirts in the future (just because it has 12 colors doesn’t mean it deserves a score of 90+). 

I liked how Gary intertwined some of his business sense into the show, especially when they started talking about personal branding during the Kid Robot segment. The only issue I had with the Kid Robot segment is when they scored the shirt low because of pricing (the shirt cost $50). I think that the review should be based more so on design rather then pricing, just my opinion. 

They did give one bad review on the show, with Gary calling the Collar Free tee Freedom by Rachel Cobb “ugly.” This was interesting to watch, since praise is so commonplace in the t-shirt culture. I’ll be looking forward to more harsh reviews – it’s entertaining. 

Gary and AJ also give away free tee’s on the show, in varying sizes, so that’s great. Also, they have live interaction via Ustream which is awesome in terms of user interactivity and feedback. 

All in all I enjoyed the show. I’ll be watching future interviews and it may have inspired me to do a couple more video posts of my own in the future! Click on to watch the show:

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Indie Tee Spotlight #7: Word! Apparel

In this weeks Indie Tee Spotlight I feature Levi Hardeman and his clothing brand, Word! Apparel. Word! Apparel was started just 5 months ago by Hardeman in his hometown of Houston, Texas. In this short amount of time, Hardeman has created an indie tee brand that has become a fan favorite. He has sold ooodles of his tees here in the US and overseas. 

His comical and often oversized prints scream look-at-me! Wear a tee from Word! Apparel and you’re sure to get noticed! Hardeman doesn’t plan to stop with just designing and selling t-shirts, though. He has plans to expand his line to other types of merchandise, all the while keeping with his comical style. 

I had the opportunity to chat with Levi! (as he is known on the Emptees forums) about Word!, his influences and his expectations for Word! I also have to admit that Levi! is one of the coolest guys I’ve worked with so far on the Spotlight. He kindly sent over a tee for me to checkout for the Spotlight (I feature only brands from whom I’ve bought from in the past so that I feel comfortable promoting them. Occasionally I receive tees in the mail and if I like the tee and the brand they get featured). Along with the You Crazy Banana! tee that Levi sent me was a handwritten letter. I just found that pretty awesome that he took the time to write. I totally appreciated that!

Coty: It’s obvious by your past designs like You Crazy Banana!, You Don’t Mess With The Tasties and Shark vs. Man that Word! Apparel uses comedy very heavily in its designs. However, you’ve mentioned that “future releases will differ.” Explain how you plan to shake up your product line and what changes we should expect.

Levi: Well, living in Houston, TX, one of fastest growing metal scenes in America, all the merch that we see coming through our town, is mostly black shirts with “metal” designs on them, or shirts with big lettering across the shirt. I thought to myself, that maybe kids would eat up something different or just reject it. I went ahead and tried it. I made the first 6 designs really simple but colorful with more of a comical feel to it, and the scene down here tore it up. I sold out of the first 6 designs within just a few days and then from there I started to hire designers from Emptees. They have been great with the artwork and the feel that I’m looking for.

As for changing my designs a little, I want to release a few shirts with more of a darker feel to it. I would like to keep the comical style but lean a little bit dark. Lines like Electric Zombie is really a line to look up to for me because of the style he has. A little comical but horror. I would like to capitalize on that style with the next few release to attract a larger customer base. So expect something a little more dark coming from Word! Apparel.

Coty: You’ve been an active member in the indie tee community for 5 months now, producing and selling your own tees. What do you think is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned during this entire process? What has been your best experience so far? Any surprises?

Levi: For the 5 months that I have been doing this, I would say that the best thing to realize is that you can’t expect people to come to you all the time. You have to reach out to them. Just like in a sales job. If you are selling something, show people. Within the first 5 months, I have sold at probably over 25 shows and at many events. You just have to be where the people are. After you have a big enough base in your home town then your Internet sales will pick because you got all your friends telling their friends. Its a cycle. So I guess the lesson is, find your customers, don’t want till they find you. There are hundreds of clothing lines out there, and the few that will make it successful are the ones that are willing to do what it takes.

Funny thing is, for some reason, Ohio is my biggest state that I sell to. Even bigger than here in Houston. On any given week, I’ll almost double my sales in Houston with orders in Ohio. Not sure why, but I guess Ohio says Word! a lot!

Coty: How and why did you get started in the t-shirt design business? Who were some of the people that influenced you? Is there a particular brand that you’ve modeled Word! Apparel after?

Levi: For awhile, my buddy Andre Frye with Crashtide Productions, let me help out with Crashtide Clothing, a small line here in Houston. After a few disagreements, we parted ways, but I learned a lot about the industry and what to expect. That was about a year before I started Word! Apparel, but in the mean time, I never lost interest in the industry. For the longest time, I followed Johnny Cupcakes, Rockett, and even Electric Zombie. I always wanted to start something on that scale, but never did it. It’s funny how Word! started. Me and my buddy Tom Payne were sitting on my couch watching Family Guy, and I jokely said I wanted to start a t-shirt line based on Family Guy. Right when I said that, Peter, from the show, said Word! Haha, right then I knew I wanted to start a line called Word! Apparel. For a while, I followed Monstar Clothing too. They gave me something to model after.

Coty: You’ve collaborated with a lot of people within the tee design community, including Wotto who designed Happy Monsters! and Awaken Design Company, who designed the official Word! Apparel Myspace page. What is it like to work with the people in the indie tee community? Is there anyone that you haven’t worked with yet that you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Levi: As far as future designs, I have a design coming out by Edgil, and that shirt is expected to be my biggest release yet. For other designers, I have no preference who I use but I do like to work with SittingDuck. He is great about working with you to get what you need and everything is nice as can be haha! I look forward to using as many designers as I possibly can.

Coty: Word! Apparel currently sponsors that bands Before There Was Rosalyn and Novista. How did you hook up with these bands and what has it been like working with them? Do these bands represent the type of music you’re into?

Levi: The dudes in Before There Was Rosalyn are some of my favorites dudes. They are all good friends and support everything I do, and are there for whatever I need from selling shirts at shows that I can make, to girl advice with the girl that designed the Shark VS Man design mentioned before ha! Seriously though, they are some gnarly dudes, and they put out some good tunes always. They recently were signed to HoldFast Records and play shows with The Devil Wears Prada and they tour nonstop. Their music is passionate and in your face metal, but also you can sit down and bust some nasty chill to it. I would recommend them to anyone. Novista puts out some super quality music. I am not as close to them as the latter band, but they are some good guys. They put on an amazing show, and their CD is killer.

Coty: What indie tee brands does Levi! have stocked in his closet? Who are your current favorites?

Levi: I stock up on shirts like a mad man! I love picking up some new shirts, and I would have to say my favorite is either Electric Zombie or NIWL. Kyle and Darin put out some quality work and it shows. I love wearing their stuff. An example of what shirts I have bought I guess would be Johnny Cupcakes, EZ, NIWL, Monstar, HotLife, KidRobot, 32 (rip), and of course I sport some Word Apparel :)

Coty: Indie Labs, the creators of Emptees and Big Cartel have created an excellent set of tools for indie merchandise designers. With the infinite amount of people that you can reach through the Internet and your online store, do you even think that there is a need for opening a physical merchandise store like the popular Johnny Cupcake Boutiques or do you think that having an online presence is enough to suffice?

Levi: I have a business plan in account with my financial backer, but I am more focused on just getting my name out right now. I think that Big Cartel is really a great tool for anybody to use. Its super easy to use, and it does what its made for, selling shirts. Without Big Cartel, I actually wouldnt be any where near the success that I have.

In the future, I would like to have a shop open down here in Houston, but that will be later on. I am really focusing on getting my name out across the globe, and then maybe in the near future, I can start looking into adventures such as my own store.

Coty: So you’ve got a successful online store and you’ve networked with some of the best indie designers today, what’s next for Word! Apparel? What are some of the expectations you have for Word! Apparel for the next 2 to 3 years?

Levi: The sucess I have seen has been fantastic. I couldn’t be more grateful to all the hundreds and hundreds of kids across the globe who have bought my gear. They make this worth while. The kids and God have blessed me more than I could ask for. The satisfaction that I get when I see just one order on my emails, is more than worth the while. I love it. Everyday, I track my sales, with the HUGE calender that I have in my room, and I make down the names and shirt that they have bought on the day with it. I have it near my door, so whenever I enter my room and leave it, I am reminded of the names that have helped me so much.

I would say look out for Word! Apparel releases to be pumping out like mad in the next few years. I have a goal of releasing 2 shirts every month next year. That is only the shirt part of it. I am actually working with someone right now for hand bags, and shoes. I am stoked beyond belief for that. Look out!

To everyone who reads this interview, thanks so much for the support and kind words that yall have emailed me or told me. I couldnt have gotten this far without yall!

For all the active Emptees users, Ima put a discount code in place for a HUGE discount on any shirt, and for all others, use code BLOG15 for a sweet 15% off!!!!

Thanks so much guys. Please email me with any feedback on my products! Good or bad! I want to hear from everyone and talk to everyone!!!

I’d like thank Levi for taking time out to chat it up with me! I totally appreciate your time. Keep doing what you’re doing, man, and you’re sure to succeed beyond expectations. Word!

Also, this week I’ll be doing a special double Indie Tee Spotlight. So be sure to check back in a day or two for Indie Tee Spotlight #8!