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I admit that I’ve just jumped on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon. I’ve seen the highlights and I have even sat through a game and watched him play. He is the truth. The only question now is whether or not he can play alongside Melo. We will see. Jeremy Lin is primed to become the first ever bonafide Asian-American NBA superstar. You’ve got my support, buddy.

Linsanity is available now from Nike for $25.

Introducing the Brooklyn New Yorkers

It’s no secret that the New Jersey Nets will be moving to Brooklyn, New York in 2012. However, I assumed that they would take their longtime moniker with them and become the Brooklyn Nets. It looks like this may not be the case. Two lawyers representing the Nets have trademarked the name “Brooklyn New Yorkers”, along with three possible logos.

Tauntr, the popular insult blog, decided to take have a go at the New Yorkers logo. Not only did they incorporate the Brooklyn Bridge into the logo, but they also squeezed in half a hipster. They say that Brooklyn is the hipster capital of the world and so it’s only appropriate that a V-Neck wearing, PBR drinking, thick-glasses wearing, hipster with ironic facial hair would grace the New Yorkers logo.

The Brooklyn New Yorkers T-Shirt is available now at Tauntr for $14.99.